The name of the website origins from two italian words. Nero in italian means black and Venere means Venus, so we went on building a website descovering love, venus and women lingerie in its most sexy and exciting colour: black! That’s why NeroVenere!

This website was originally built back in 2012, its main goal was to speak about Romanticism, love and sexuality from a frank point of view, describing without shyness the pleasures of love and sex. Needless to say the idea was to present most of the new items and sex toys available for the modern couples of all kinds.

The very first articles of this website were taken from public article directory, just to begin developing the subject. It was not a good idea: we later discovered that most of those articles have already been spammed all over the web and this was not liked by most search engines (first of all google).

We are now working to develop a new kind of contents but we decided not to start from scratch but to work on and build new content. We will go on writing about sexy lingery, sexy toys and sexuality, especially about the nylon fetish that many couples have been developing and enjoy with mutual satisfaction.