Joyboxx – Hygienic Storage System

Joyboxx - Hygienic Storage System

Meet patent pending JOYBOXX with PLAYTRAY; the world’s first hygienic storage system designed to handle pleasure products before, during and after use.

The joy’s inside!
Be on top of the sexual wellness movement with these innovative new tools that help customers protect their passion at an affordable price!

More than a box, it’s a system
– Dishwasher safe
– PVC, BPA & phthalate free
– Food-grade, non-porous plastic
– Antimicrobial silver ion agent mixed into plastic
– ‘Easy access’ top compartment for small items
– Child resistant, removable, quiet sliding lock
– Mini combo lock included for 100% security
– Protected ventilation holes helps moisture evaporate and keeps dust out
– Discreet USB toy charging hole
– Sophisticated unisex design
– Fits most products
– Fits inside most nightstands and drawers
– Includes playtray

The portable PLAYTRAY is an adult toy coaster/wash/dry rack all-in-one! Use it as an internal JOYBOXX divider that sits firmly on the main tub’s ‘fluid spill barrier rail’ for toy separation and organization.

When using a toy, remove the PLAYTRAY and use it as a coaster to protect furniture from stains and toys from dust. Then easily transport used toys to the sink to wash and dry, or set it back inside JOYBOXX where ventilation holes at the top of the main tub, allow air circulation, moisture evaporation and the larger hole in the back allows for discreet toy charging.

Multi-toy users will appreciate having several PLAYTRAYS, so it is also sold separately. PLAYTRAY is an innovative new tool that is great for use with other hygiene items such as toothbrush, dentures and retainers to keep them off of countertops and air circulating.

Size: 33 x 12 x 17 cm

Liberator – Pulse Toy Mount

Liberator - Pulse Toy Mount

Find your own rhythm.

Ergonomically designed, the Pulse features soft lines that contour and move with the body to recreate the natural rocking sensation of sex. With a low height and narrow width, the Pulse is easily straddled in a cowgirl position. Solo or with a partner, it allows for hands-free enjoyment of vibrators and dildos simultaneously by featuring two separate pockets – one to house small vibrators or bullets to achieve clitoral stimulation and another to tuck a dildo into. You can also turn the Shape over for a gently sloped lift for hips or your head when with a partner.

– A rocking toy mount allows for hands-free enjoyment of vibrators and dildos.
– Low height and narrow width allows for easy straddling.
– Equipped with two separate pockets for small vibes and dildos.
– Soft, removable, machine-washable cover.
– Moisture-proof liner prevents moisture from penetrating the foam interior.
– Recommended with toys that have a base diameter between 3,2 and 7,6 cm.
– Measurement in cm: 51L x 30W x 33H

Liberator – Top Dog Fleshlight Mount

Liberator - Top Dog Fleshlight Mount

Free your hands to enter your fantasy.

This sturdy faux leather Shape houses your Fleshlight in the perfect position for simulating doggy positions. The ideal height for thrusting while not having to use your hands to hold it in place. Not only for solo use, the Top Dog can be used as support in from-behind positions and for neck support during oral.

– Fleshlight mount designed to be used in a doggie position.
– Doubles as a base for providing head or from-behind positioning.
– Wipe down the soft faux leather fabric with soap and water for a quick clean in a matter of seconds.
– Fleshlight not included.
– Measurement in cm: 38L x 30W x 36H

The Cowgirl – Premium Riding Sex Machine

The Cowgirl - Premium Riding Sex Machine

The cowgirl is a sophisticated, premium riding sex machine that offers the ultimate sexual experience. The thoughtful design redefines stimulation through the versatile use of fully independent vibration & rotation control featuring 6 vibrating patterns and 360 swivel rotation with low to high variable speeds.

2 body-safe silicone attachments:
– Rawhide attachment, texture cover attachment
– Wildwest attachment, 8.9 cm insertable curved attachment

– Independent vibration & rotation control. 6 vibrating patterns and 360 swivel rotation with low to high variable speeds
– Handcrafted saddle seat with comfort padding. Made of easy to clean vegan leather
– Precision engineering and 1200 rpm of ultra powerful vibrations
– Slip resistant silicone base for added stability & protection from scratching
– Holds up to 181kg
– Durable handles for easy transport
– 3 mtr power cord, adaptable for global use
– Body-safe silicone attachments included
– Two ways to control: corded remote or smart phone
– No assembly required

Corded led remote:
Easy input, plug & play variable speed controller with 3 mtr cord length and smooth glide plugin

Smartphone app:
Easy to use app for complete cordless control. availablve for ios & android

– Premium Riding Seks Machine
– 2 x Silicone Attachments
– Corded LED Remote
– Global Adapter
– User Manual
– Ride To Guide

Luxury and the lost generation

attorney stockingsThis morning our corporate VP and general counsel forwarded to me an opinion from our legal department. It was written by a new, young lawyer fresh out of one of our nation’s better law schools. The first sentence of the young lawyer’s memo was as follows:

“Because of the opinion which you asked me for. ”

What has this got to do with stockings? I’ll tell you.

I remember when writing the English language was as important as speaking it. It is harder to write well than to speak well. Writing requires the mastery of more skills than speaking. Writing well takes time and a degree of self-criticism. Writing well necessitates a knowledge of grammar, syntax, spelling (a skill with which I struggle) and, most importantly, clarity of expression.

The generation that produced the young lawyer who butchered the English language in the above illustration is lost to the importance of time. It is the “I want it now” generation. They are all about video games, MTV, microwaves and email. They are Napster, Instant Messenger and ICQ. Now, I stress there is nothing wrong with any of these things in themselves. But, taken all together, they are the antithesis of luxury. And, my dear friends, stockings are all about luxury.

The finer things in life be they a great cognac, a good cigar, a great novel, a moving symphony, a fine motor car, a great wine or even fine silk stockings with gloves all take time. Even the better moments of intimacy we share with our lovers have, as their hallmark, been the ones that have lasted the longest.

Stockings are one of life’s luxuries. They take time to put on and take off. They generally cost more than pantyhose. They are harder to find and because of this they require greater care. But the dividends they pay for the wearer and the wearer’s partner in terms of power, mystery, sexuality, appearance and touch are many times the effort needed to wear them.

Is it any wonder that this lost generation has recently moved beyond the hurry-up-pull-them-up mediocrity of pantyhose to brainless, genderless bare-leggedness? No, I guess not.

So, are any of us truly surprised when a young man making $70,000 in his first year of post-graduate employment cannot write a coherent sentence in his native tongue?

I guess his instructors were in too much of a hurry to teach him, he was in too much of a hurry to learn and his parents were in too much of a hurry to care.

– I really think you should take a look at the world around you a bit more. Yes I agree there is a certain amount of intellectual apathy amongst the young and what you would call ‘class’ and ‘refinery’ might be sadly lacking in the younger generation. However it is unfair to assume that all young people are responsible for a lack in education, class and above all stockings.

We live in an ever-changing society, my friend, and when you quote the finer things in life as cognac and the like it fills me with dread. If it’s one thing the younger generation have brought to the world, then that is tolerance. We are in a subjective arena and it pays to be a little more open minded to new generation and new technologies. If we hold on to the past too much then we’ll never see the future.

Lets be honest here: stockings are a throw back to a sadly by-gone era. But there is plenty today to enjoy… don’t worry about it so much.

– I also lament lost respect for proper application of the language. Current email etiquette is much like pantyhose. They’re easier and convenient – but not as good.

It is not ironic the backlash against casual work attire, me-me-me materialistic toys, and in-your-face rudeness, is surfacing as the economy slows. The short cuts of the 1990s to push to everyone’s bottom line are being appropriately questioned today.

Segments of the population are speaking up about elegance, and discussing stockings.

Your admonishment on the language has extracted a commitment from me to edit my forum communications better. If I’m going to talk it, I better make sure I walk it.

– I agree with most of the original post. I am a lawyer and am appalled by much of the written English I see. The two things I look for in aspirant barristers being interviewed by me: command of English and whether they wear stockings!

More seriously, though, they all have excellent degrees from Oxbridge, high bar exam results, impeccable references, fascinating CVs (the others already having been vetted out at an earlier stage), so there’s usually little else to choose! It would be almost impossible to have got thus far if there was any doubt about their “knowledge of the law and legal proceedings”!

– I too find myself in despair over the wilful murdering of our language, and it seems to be coming from all sides. It’s unfortunate.

As for the rebuttal that the younger generation brings with them a greater level of tolerance – hooey! “Tolerance” is nothing more than a cudgel used to abuse those of us who do not agree with whatever the prevailing views are of the moment!

Those of us who subscribe to a more conservative and traditional view of the world, whether formed by politics or perhaps religion, are told we are narrow-minded and bigoted. Yet, we are expected to swallow all of the pabulum spewed out in the name of being “progressive”. I refuse to accept that as long as young people are disrespectful to their elders, and parents do not command respect as befits their role in life – to be their children’s teacher and guide, not their best friend.