Our group’s Statement of Purpose?

– My wife and I spent a few days this week meeting with a family foundation reviewing requests for grants. A request for funds from the foundation must meet certain guidelines but most importantly, to those making the funding decision, is a clear and concise Statement of Purpose. If the person or group requesting the grant cannot clearly explain his/their purpose in a paragraph or two we generally reject the proposal.

Later in the evening at a cocktail party for the Board of Trustees, my wife, looking more desirable than ever in a pair of cuban-heeled ffs and a positively indecent frock, asked me what the “purpose” of the Stockings HQ group was.

“Well,” I stammered, “Its the … ah… er. . promotion of stockings. Isn’t it?”

“That’s my point,” she replied. “You really don’t have a clearly stated purpose do you? Of course its for the promotion of stockings but to whom, how, why? Would you give a nickel to an applicant who presented that Statement of Purpose you just gave me?

“No, I wouldn’t. ” I sheepishly admitted.

But we don’t have a Statement of Purpose. We don’t. Do we? We’re just a message board aren’t we? Or are we more than that?

On the other hand, do we even need one? Aren’t we just too diverse a group to agree on one anyhow?

But maybe we ought to give this some thought? Maybe a clear Statement of Purpose placed prominently at the front page of this site would give newbies a quick overview of what we’re all about. Maybe it would help us all get a little more focused on our mission. And maybe just the process of writing one, in a collaborative effort, would motivate discussion, mutual understanding and promote a greater sense of community?

Now how could any of that hurt us? What do you think?

Give it a try! Post a reply to this or try to write a draft “statement” and post it here. If you are uncomfortable writing anything formal, how about giving us your thoughts about what our purpose really is?

– First time contributor here. Sounds like a good idea. There’s so much stuff on this site I was a little confused for a few weeks about what you all were up to. I had to read a lot of posts on all the forums before I got the hang of it. How about something along the lines of we are all here because we want women to wear stockings and we want to provide all the resources to make it easy for them to buy them, talk about them and learn how to wear them?

– During the mid-’80s, I participated in a consulting engagement for a major US real estate developer. McKinsey and Company, the pricey consulting firm of much ballyhoo, was the strategic consultant for the project.

McKinsey led the project team in a purpose-definition seminar. The outcome led to fast and precise development of guiding principles and values that enabled the development of a business plan in one-fourth “norm time” for developing a biz plan.

The bottom line – the project was a huge success in financial terms for the developer. After defining a clear purpose, achieving the goals became possible within the limited timeframe allowed.

– Ok, here’s a go:

“The Purpose of this group is to celebrate the beauty, elegance, sensuality and mystery of gartered stockings and our appreciation, admiration and respect for the women who choose to wear them. ”

– I like it but I suspect all the trannies and cross-dressers will not. But, maybe I don’t know enough about them. Does it offend any of them to say we have admiration, respect and appreciation for the “women” who wear them (stockings)?

– I’m not an expert on the CDs and trannies but it seems to me that their love of dressing “as” women is an expression of their love “of” women and all things feminine.

Those of us who are not CDs or trannies also appreciate the same things the trannies do. It’s just that we appreciate them on women rather than ourselves.

Sounds okay but a bit long. How about omitting sensuality and respect. For me sensuality is sort of implicit when you say mystery and respect is also implied when you say admiration. That’s just my two cents.

Stockings, rings and chains

– Is it cool to wear stockings with toe rings or ankle jewellery?

– I have always hated ankle bracelets (tacky) and toe rings (very tacky), whether with nylons or bare-legged. Sorry.

– My wife wears the gold ankle bracelet I got her as a present when we got serious and has done so for nine years under her hose. No rips, no runs, no errors.

I also sometimes like the “tarty” look when a women wears a gaudy ankle bracelet over some wild stockings.

– Until my toe ring broke recently, I have been wearing one for almost three years running. Some folks like them, some folks don’t.

– Anklets are nice under sheer tanned or black hosiery if very thin either in silver or gold, but chunky ones with high heels are definitely tacky!

– Toe rings are extremely sexy, as are ankle bracelets. Its feminine, and that is sexy. Artwork for the feet…

I wear both daily. I find that many men have a fetish for one or both. One even asked me why I wore stockings when it made them harder to see! The nerve!

Why women need to act responsibly in the way they dress

– I am absolutely sickened by the perpetual two-facedness of some women who use sex as a weapon in their endless struggle to get their way. The stockings forum has shown me how normal our shared fetish is and how absolutely mind blowing it is to see women expressing their sexual finery. Nothing turns me on more than a woman in the workplace in a short skirt and hosiery (a nice pair of legs is a bonus of course). There is absolutely nothing ‘wrong’ with admiring this and there is no way that a woman is unaware of the clear message she sends out when she dresses in a sexually provocative way. It is a very strong message but (and this is the important point) it goes out to all of us. ALL of mankind see her and she knows what’s going on inside our minds (and trousers!). To all you women out there – that’s not smut or perversion or filth or being dirty! That’s being NORMAL and being a man. No man is unaffected by sexually alluring dress so its about time that women took some responsibility in the messages they send out. All men are affected – no matter what age, colour, level of ability (or disability), colour of hair, level of income or whatever. We are ALL sexual beings who get turned on by pretty much the same things.

I am deeply annoyed and frustrated by the female attitude that they can dress raunchily for work just to attract a particular man. This is usually the boss and it seems to me that in any walk of life stockings, suspenders, short skirts and high heels go with power, money and position and nothing else. That leaves a lot of us guys in an invidious position: we are attracted like bees around a jam jar to Miss be-stockinged but unless we have the right level of power, money and position we are condemned to a miserable and frustrating existence where our sexual attractions are lived out only in fantasy. It’s all about power and how any woman can treat a man’s normal sexual instincts with contempt just beggars belief! To all those guys who are caught out looking at a lovely stockinged leg or a skirt riding up a lithe leg, I say this. You are not in the wrong. You are normal. But, I guess, you may possess the wrong configuration of power, money and position or be of the wrong age or perhaps have the wrong looks. Those dealt two queens and a king can run their hands up those stockinged legs as much as they want to. Those who were dealt two twos and a three just have their porno mags.

So women, don’t call the man ‘caught’ looking at your legs a pervert if you are not also prepared to use that bitterly insulting epithet for the man you are wearing your stockings for as well. You don’t want to have double standards now, do you? I have a hairy chest which a lot of women find sexy. I know that because I sometimes ‘catch’ them stealing a glimpse of it under my shirt. But I don’t run off to my boss and complain of sexual harassment when this happens and I certainly don’t label them perverts no matter how un-attractive they might be to me. If you want equality then have uniform standards for ALL people.

I am 37 and single. I am normal in that I think women in stockings look like dynamite. I would love nothing more than a partner who could satisfy me in every way and for me that would have to include stockings. As you might have guessed I live a very frustrated life. But dynamite these girls are, and they can explode violently against you if they want to.

– I really enjoyed your thesis on stockings and responsibility; I think we agree on most of the points you made.

Dress codes are (or should be) in place to protect everyone in the workplace – regardless of gender. Those guidelines help to foster a relationship between peers for the sake of the work and not encourage illicit behaviour. Over time there has been an erosion of personal responsibility and a sense of propriety.

Whether we like it or not, we women cannot escape the plain truth that as men, you are hard wired to focus continually on sexual stimuli – whether it be a woman’s legs, her backside, whatever. Occasionally I find myself admiring a woman for her attractiveness. We as humans are drawn to people and things that we find pleasing – and a woman’s figure is pleasing to the eye. There’s nothing wrong with that. I don’t consider a man’s glance at a part of my anatomy to be offensive – what can be though is if it’s followed up by a suggestive facial expression, or lewd comment muttered only for the woman to hear. Those make you shiver. Sometimes we wonder where thought stops and action begins.

Please allow me to play Devil’s Advocate for a moment. A woman from our local area was found beaten, assaulted and murdered, and her body dumped in a wooded area. Two men were arrested for the crime. The woman had been an exotic dancer; they had been at a club watching this woman dance. They allowed their feelings/impulses (fuelled, of course by a tremendous amount of alcohol) to impair their judgement. They were not satisfied with watching this woman dance – they had to put their feelings/impulses into action. Their defence was that she was a dancer – therefore of loose morals and expendable. They looked upon her as nothing more than an outlet for their own needs.

Now, to use your theory, by acting/dressing in a sexually provocative way, and giving off certain “signals”, this young lady “egged on” these two men, and therefore was responsible for her own demise. Yes, these men were clearly affected by her dancing; are you excusing what happened due to the circumstances? It was not a conventional workplace and therefore all bets are off? Does this mean that a woman walking down the street in a summer dress is liable to be assaulted, and because the dress was short she deserves what happens?

Do I think her choice of occupation eventually led to her murder? No, not really. I think she should have had a little more respect for herself than to be in that line of work. But that was her choice to make; she needn’t have died for it. I had met the woman briefly once or twice; she was bright, funny and gracious. It needn’t have happened.

I guess I need to acknowledge that you agree with personal responsibility on both sides – when assumptions are made, things like the above situation happen. We as women should not have to shroud ourselves in black flowing robes in order to feel safe; you should be adult enough to control your impulses. There is a time and place for everything – what one wears out to a club is indecent for office wear. Those are the lines that have blurred. But, women should have enough respect for themselves not to flaunt in public. Just because we can doesn’t mean we should.

I would welcome your comments, and anyone else’s. I’m not looking for a battle; just some honest talk about gender and our roles in today’s world.

– You reveal a feminine perspective on social change and male-female ethics that I find real world, as well as very educational.

Your descriptions of your attire preferences generate a very real vision for me. Your understanding of how men are wired emotionally and physically is unique. Your communication of how things work – and how they should work – is comforting.

– Your posting is deep and thoughtful. I agree with much of what I recall you posted, but I don’t agree with all of your posting.

We are in agreement about the responsibility and abuses of power. But, I disagree with your assessment of how women hold power with their dress. I also disagree that it takes wealth and power to succeed in relationships with women.

Your expressed frustration with your current relationship void is unnecessary. Create the vision for what type of relationship you desire, develop a plan you believe will help you achieve it, and make it happen by sharing your happiness.

By nature, men are physically stronger. That provides men a relationship edge that most women admire, but men absolutely must not abuse. Our chemical make up makes us more aggressive, and conventions in society provide men with the ability to initiate relationships with women they find desirable. (I have no problem with women that lose patience waiting and make the first move.)

Also, I disagree that women are exclusively attracted to power, and money. The myth that a man needs great looks to succeed with women is just that. Women are less visual than men.

A man’s looks are almost always secondary to how confident and secure a man makes a lady feel. Women are “wired” to seek out the best protectors and providers. Women consider men that project confidence attractive protectors and providers.

The world is full of men and women that compromise themselves for money, but women are less materially driven than men by nature. By nature, men hunt and keep score – women nurture and care.

While in college, I married a drop-dead gorgeous girl built like a MIT-designed brick @!#$ house. She still has her school-girl looks and rediscovered her girlish figure through strength training. She loves to delight me by wearing stockings, but has found they provide her an air of confidence she loves.

I am the son of a handicapped blue-collar worker that didn’t possess a high school diploma, and I am not good looking. My wife married me and provided for me before I could provide for her.

Before marrying, I dated maidens that later became Miss Ohio and Miss Kentucky. The eventual Miss Ohio I dated told me I helped her believe she could overcome obstacles she felt were beyond her. The eventual Miss Kentucky dated me after I directed her campus political campaign.

My father, who achieved financial success after I married and he was 60, taught me success in relationships was as simple as building trust, projecting confidence, and making the other person feel confident. He felt the principle applied to women and men. To Dad, trust came from being honest and reliable. Projecting confidence resulted from setting goals and executing basic fundamentals every day; and making others feel confident was a result of treating them exactly how I wanted to be treated.

I realise my assertions come off like sophomoric bragging, but my point is that women – more than men – find their power through acceptance and trusting relationships. A successful relationship with a quality lady is always built on a foundation of friendship and trust. Establishing that relationship requires the confidence to start the relationship, and the commitment of caring loyalty.

The physical side follows – except for the lucky few guys with great looks that get bowled over.

Allow me to suggest you can compete. First, recreate your vision to include the values and personality qualities you seek in a relationship. Identify exactly how you see your ideal lady treating you. Your expectations for physical beauty do not need to be reduced, but values and relationship ethics added.

Introducing stockings as part of your vision will come after you developed a relationship. Making it part of your vision is putting a barrier in front of the potential of a great relationship. When you build their confidence and trust, they’ll wear stockings for you.

Let me suggest two very strong confidence builders for you that you. The first is in a book called the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey. Dr. Covey details in his book the need to understand – before being understood. He also details six other principles that enable success in life. Dr. Covey teaches how to do what my father preached

The second confidence builder I suggest is Bill Phillips, Body for Life. Go to www.BodyforLife.com right now. Body for Life is a 12-week fitness program that changes lives. By the second week – before you see physical results – your confidence will hit an all-time high. It grows each week after that.

My wife went through the program, and I saw her confidence explode. I went through the program and follow the routine. It takes four hours a week.

Body for Life will enable you to compete in your mind, and in reality, with 25-year-old men physically. Many that complete the program find “soul mates” among others that employ “Body for Life” as a physical and mental health supplement.

After 12 weeks, you won’t have a confidence issue when you meet the type of lady that fits your vision. You might find the type of lady you’re attracted to will be approaching you.

I’m on the other side of 40, and 20-something girls approach me in the health club to converse. Men engage my wife in conversation much, much, more often than before she completed the program. We’re happily married, but we each enjoy the confidence boost this interest provides us.

Miss July 2017

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The all-day orgasm?

3364393373_9ebc0ca880– While grazing over at the CD discussion group in the recent past I began to notice a trend of sorts. It seems to me that a lot of the guys posting there appreciate the self-stimulation value of some of the female clothing they wear as much as the style or the way it makes them look.
It made me recall comments made by women I have dated over the years who have told me that when they wore a certain article of clothing (most often a pair of panties (knickers) or stockings) it actually turned them on. One young lady in particular told me that every time she wore a certain pair of bikini panties that tied at the sides she became aroused. (I have to admit that every time I saw her in them I became aroused also. LOL. ) But her point was she wore them because they stimulated her, not me.
This whole thing got me to wondering. Ladies, do you have an article of clothing that is guaranteed to turn you on? Is there some item that you wear for yourself when you want to spice up your own day? If so, may I ask, what is it? Ladies only please.
– If men are more into visual stimulation, are women more into tactile stimulation? CDs aside, that seems to be the essence of your question. It will be interesting to see the responses of our ladies.
I went with a young lady who claimed that a pair of french knickers with a particularly lacy crotch would keep her occupied all day long. She would only wear them to the office when she anticipated a particularly boring day. She said they made the time fly.
– I think you’re both bonkers. If there were no men around women would dress in Mou-Mou’s. Women could care less about tactile stimulation whatever the hell that is. They just want to be comfortable. I think you’ve both been fooled here boys. The only reasons women dress in silks, satins and laces at all is either because men design the clothes or they are dressing that way to attract a man. As soon as they have him it’s all gone. Hell, most women don’t even have orgasms much less all day orgasms. Sure there are a few exceptions but mostly women are only stimulated by talking to other women. It’s called gossip mates. You’re not going to get many replies to this because women just don’t get stimulated by clothes. Grow up.
– Well, the efforts made by men to be sensitive to a woman’s wants and needs just took a big nose-dive!
As an answer to the only semi-question in your post: “tactile” means sensitivity to touch (I’m sure a more descriptive description will be found in your dictionary – that’s a book were you find big words!)
I am not attacking your post I am just amazed and astounded. Are there really people out there that are so insensitive and out-of-tune to the opposite sex, yet still capable of formulating sentences, that they would compose such a harsh condemnation of a woman’s desire to look her best.
My wife and I have been married for over 15 years, and will continue to be married until death do us part. In the meantime she continues to dress like a lady, she spends time selecting the right outfits and she wears lingerie including stockings because it looks good, and feels good.
There are many other contributors to this site who would take exception to your broad statement that “as soon as they have him it’s all gone”. Finally, I disagree with your assumption that the only other woman who enjoy good lingerie have lesbian tendencies. Stick around. We will enjoy demonstrating that your opinions can be changed.
– I stick to my point that you’re not going to get women to post here because they don’t get turned on by wearing clothes. Its been almost a full day since the original message and so far no women have said they get turned on by wearing a particular article of clothing. So, I rest my case and you are the one whose opinion needs to be changed.
I wear stockings, lingerie and high heels because I like the way they feel and the appearance they project i.e. WOMAN. I didn’t discover this until my mid-30s. I admit my contemporaries are comfort and carefree orientated but to lump all women in a bag and say we are all the same is crazy. E-mail me and I’ll send you a pic to show you I’m a woman. There are many women who post here who do wear stockings for the same reasons. The week-end isn’t the best time for a poll.

Creasing: a tell-tale sign?

Real nylons tend to crease at the ankles or knees“I notice that a number of correspondents make mention of the “creasing” at the ankles of stockings, and use of this phenomenon as a way of identifying them. As a person with a fetish about women’s ‘stocking troubles’ my experience indicate that proper stockings are no more likely to wrinkle or crease than pantyhose. If anything, it is less so… a woman can do nothing about ill-fitting, overlarge or saggy pantyhose, whereas stockings can be tightened or adjusted to keep them taut.

“From my observations, any form of hosiery can sag, even the supposed miracle fabric lycra. Take a walk through town sometime, and observe any woman you see with baggy/wrinkly ankles. Many of them will be wearing skirts short enough to reveal that they are not wearing garter belts.

“The most sag-prone hosiery of all… from what I have seen, the old style thigh-highs with elastic tops.

“I don’t find my stockings crease anymore than when I wore pantyhose. It does happen if I buy the wrong size, and am swimming in extra nylon. They will get a little baggy at the knees when I first stand up, but in a minute or two the nylon settles down.

“You are absolutely correct with your comments. I wear stockings every day and don’t find that they crease at the knees or the ankles. The one exception to this rule is if a lady is wearing fully-fashioned stockings. These can crease if not fastened properly to the suspenders or if the suspender belt itself is too flimsy.”

Real nylons tend to crease at the ankles or knees. Am I alone in finding that aspect to be very sexy! Well I love then anyway They just turn me mad, unless they are too big or too many, but a slight crease or wrinkle at the ankle or knee is a good sign of 100% nylon.”

“We’ve had some discussions lately about creases at the ankles and whether they can be taken as a sign of stockings being worn, but occasionally I have noticed something very different.

“A lady walking along, wearing ‘unspecified’ hosiery with little if any ankle creasing, shows a very definite ‘tensioning’ of the hosiery as the weight transfers on and off each foot. Is this a sign of high-tension suspenders tugging in any slack or just the hosiery material stretching and contracting slowly enough to be seen?”

“It is unlikely that you are observing the slack being taken up from highly tensioned suspenders. The controlling factor in what you see is most likely to be friction as there is too much distance between the suspenders and the ankles. This effect is due to local stretching and contracting of the material in which case they will be stretch stockings. If bagging occurs then they maybe non-stretch stockings (which do stretch but much less that stretch ones).”

The reaction of women to women wearing stockings

1.40 The reaction of women to women wearing stockings“I noticed (especially around New Year) the reaction of women to other women who are more seductively dressed. The greatest example was a young woman at a party who was wearing (thank god) a pair of hold ups (better if they were nylons, but at least in the right direction). They peaked through a couple of times and they attracted the attention (mine included) of the majority of men at the party. Needless to say, most of the women there began to comment in a negative fashion about the young woman’s attire. They made some ridiculous claims and some harsh comments about a person whom most of the people personally knew little about.”

“When I first began wearing stockings this summer, I would watch people as I walked on the streets, and especially on the subways. I would get double takes to admiring glances from men, even some nice comments.

“The looks from women, though… I was really surprised that there were women whom I could tell were obviously making assumptions about my morality based on my stockings. What the hell does one have to do with the other? At first it troubled me. No one likes to be on the receiving end of disapproval. And let’s face it – we women dress to impress each other, not men. When we read the fashion magazines to see what style of shoes are most popular, we do that for other women – to give evidence to our being ‘in the know’. For the most part, men are not going to know the difference between a pump and a mule – let alone a Sabrina heel. It’s code we use between us.

“But then I began to see the humour in it. Did these women really believe that my wearing stockings was going to hasten the fall of Western civilization? Was I somehow setting back the cause of feminism? Was there going to be a mass rampage of out of control men raping and pillaging because somehow I’m responsible for tempting them? Bah! How could a pair of FF stockings with a conservative skirt suit be any more threatening than the groups of marauding teens with their pierced everythings and purple mohawk hair-dos?

“There are always going to be those who feel they are the moral arbiters for the rest of us. If others wish to project their hang-ups on others, that’s their business. I carry myself and act with dignity – most of the time and I know my own self worth. I am a lady – and I choose to dress like one.”

“I went to a health club yesterday on a trial membership. Thought I’d make good on my New Year’s resolution to tone up and lose a few pounds. Nice facilities but an open change area with no private booths. When I started to undress, I received some horrified and disgusted looks from some of the other ladies. Several made not so subtle comments about my stockings and open bottomed girdle. I detected words like ‘slut’, ‘whore’ and ‘who does she think she is?’ I was ticked off and uncomfortable.

“I got a similar reaction after the work-out and shower as I was dressing. I could feel their eyes on me. So on my way out I told the manager. Her comment to me was that members have the right to their opinion and nonconformists should expect to be talked about. I’m not going back, needless to say.”

“One thing I have noticed about women who wear stockings is that they are confident ladies. Somehow I guess they have to be, whether they’re just making a statement to themselves, or to a wider audience. Why other women’s reactions negative? Well, from experience, women are not always negative – some I have met are inquisitive, some think ‘I wouldn’t have the nerve to do that’ but wish they did.

“Part of it is that they don’t have the same kind of self-confidence. It’s a bit akin to the tall poppy syndrome – criticise those that are more successful or more confident or stand out just a little bit from the crowd. Well, it’s easier to criticise than to do or join.”

Women who still wear girdles

Women who still wear girdles“Do any ladies out there still wear girdles with stockings and suspenders (garters)? I have always been absolutely fascinated with stockings and suspenders, but especially with girdles. If any ladies out there still wear girdles, I would love to hear from you!”

“I am a 40 year-old bi female. I have an extensive collection of girdles. I grew up in the era of stockings and garters. We always wore them to school everyday. I never stopped. Girdles and garters are very erotic for the wearer and spice up your love life. Men love a glimpse and it’s surprising the women who also are excited by seeing them! I love the way they shape my rear and they hold up my nylons wrinkle free. More women should try wearing one but make sure you are properly fitted. Go to a good department stores foundation section and get a knowledgeable sales lady. Believe me a good foundation garment can add pizazz to your figure and sex life!”

“You’re absolutely right, there’s a lot of work in getting the right clothes, fit and type of stockings and making sure they are comfortable! After all, there are at least three moving parts that have to work together – and maybe six! Maybe some of us should do a tutorial and start a college on how to do it right!

“I think it’s important that if men would like women to come back into wearing stockings again that they try to understand the woman’s point of view. I’m afraid not many men think that way, so we need to educate the men as much as the women on this.

“I have no idea why you chose to, but congratulations on never having given up on stockings! You are certainly in a minority, but a valued one!”

“I am a 32 year-old female, married, and I have recently discovered girdles. I tried garter belts with my stockings, and didn’t feel right. When I got my first girdle, it was like coming home. Now I wear one every day with my work attire, and enjoy the ‘held in’ and firm feeling I get. You might be interested in checking out a web site called ZONA, which is a lovely paean to girdles and ladies who girdled. I cannot think of the URL right now, but just type in ZONA and see what you get. The site will hopefully get updated soon, with all new information. Enjoy!”

“My wife of 30-plus plus years wears open bottom girdles (obgs)- in fact she has them in all colours thanks to the magic of RIT dye. I love her in pink or in light chocolate colour. She seldom wears seams, but really likes National brand 400 which are close to the stockings we loved in the early ’60s.

“Girdles not only keep a woman’s tummy in and aid posture, but I firmly believe that they help keep the man in also. I’ve never lost my interest in my wife. I call it the awesome power of nylon!”

“I’m a 25 year-old red head who hails from MA and I’m a big voluptuous gal with freckles and I love stockings and garter belts and open bottomed girdles. I also wear high heel sandals and slides since they feel better on my feet than flat shoes. I also hate the manly shoe styles of today.

I’ve been wearing stockings and gbs and obgs since I was 18. They hold me in and make me feel very feminine (and yes, a little naughty!)

“I’m a working girl and mainly wear skirts + or – 2″ at the knees. I sometimes wear jeans – but always with stockings, and appropriate foundations, and slides or sandals.”

“The reason I wear stockings is that I don’t like pantyhose. They always ‘cut’ me and never fit properly – no matter how cheap or expensive the brand. I also had other problems with infections that the gynaecologist said were caused by too much of a hot, moist environment for bacteria. Not as sexy as it sounds! So I started wearing stockings and gbs and obgs and loved them. They fit. I liked the way they held me in and improved my posture and my feet are not comfortable in flat shoes. I prefer a 2-3″ heel and the more open the better. I don’t try to be sexy or kinky or anything. I like to feel attractive and comfortable and so I wear what I wear! It me. It’s who I am!”

Skirt length and visible stocking tops

skirts and stockings“I must admit that as a gentleman, I don’t subscribe to mini-skirts with stockings, although I do know one lady in the south of England who does a masterful job in not letting anyone know she is wearing stockings when she wears a short skirt. We went to dinner and then out to a club one night and I did not have a clue until she took my hand and put it on her suspender button in the taxi on the way home and I could feel it through the material in her skirt.

“That’s where long or tall stockings come in, and on that note, I must admit I am more partial to a high stocking than a low one myself. In shopping for my lady friends I have noticed that in the late ’60s some manufacturers actually sold stockings which were made to be worn with mini-skirts though, and stockings to me are always more alluring than pantyhose or tights.

“I am not one for obvious display – your glimpse instead of an eyeful is spot-on as they say over here (imagination is a great thing for a man). But I was out with a stocking-wearing lady friend of mine not too long ago and she showed stocking top in a bar. When I modestly pulled her hem down so it was less revealing, she objected, as she said that was part of the fun of wearing stockings – so I guess it takes all types. That didn’t bother me, as long as I knew that was what she thought, but I’d really think twice about taking out a lady who showed herself off to all and sundry.

“In sum, I love intelligent women who dress modestly and have the skill to wear stockings without the whole world knowing it. They know what it’s about and I appreciate that – as long as I know why should everybody else?”

“I had to go to a semi-formal Christmas business dinner and decided to wear a suede below the knee skirt with 3” slits on each side, which were way down near the knees. I went with light tan, extra long fully fashioned stockings which I wore for the first time. I doubled over the welts as usual with these long stockings, and never thought any more about them.

“The restaurant was rather dim, and tables were close to each other – the more the merrier – more customers in less space. A girl whom I knew only casually sitting two chairs away, came over and quietly whispered in my ear that my stockings were showing. Very, very quickly I reached down and noticed that the slits that started near the knees, gradually worked their way up, and the bottom of the welts and the side suspender buttons were well and truly peaking out. I spent the next half hour adjusting and puling the skirt down and eventually solved the problem, by folding the welts back again, over the suspenders, thus ‘hiding them’. I will have to be more careful with this slit. Later in the Ladies the girl who originally warned me, asked about why I was wearing stockings, and appeared to be quite interested.”

“I personally think folded-over stocking tops can look quite sexy, but they are hardly ever illustrated that way. I have known women to wear them that way – maybe they’re more secure. They certainly they look better than stockings that are too short!

“You will see on lots of stocking packets that they all seemed to be attached right at the top. I used to think that this was the right way, but the clips used to come undone, the stocking would move down and the strap was loose. Very problematic.

“I only ‘discovered’ what other ladies also have before me, so now whether it is attractive or not, the stockings are held tight, they do not ride down, and can be worn all day with no problems. With shorter skirts (above the knee) I try and make sure that the welts do not show.”