End of a love affair?

Bunch of stockings“This is just the thing I’ve been thinking about lately & was considering posting about it. Why were women once incredibly in love with nylons (that famous date is May 15, 1940 when women mobbed stores when nylon was first introduced), and now detest, are ambivalent about, or only mildly interested in, nylon hosiery (I include pantyhose)?

“A related question: how could stockings – a revolutionary garment brought about by modern chemical technology – have fallen into disregard, nay oblivion – so quickly (at best after 30 years)? These are intriguing questions.

“Perhaps feminism must be held to blame. As Susan Brownmiller says in Femininity (1984, Fawcett/Ballantine Books – perhaps the definitive anti-feminine, feminist tract): ‘the subtle tyranny of the nylon stocking over the minds and actions of women for the next twenty years – until it was partially overthrown by the anti-bourgeois fashion revolution of the Sixties – should not be forgotten.’

“By the late ’80s most women still wore some nylon on their legs. Come the ’90s, and nylon-wearers have become the minority. That’s probably because even women who consider themselves ‘feminine’ have adopted more casual attire.

“The other contradiction I notice about women – and not even particularly ‘feminine’ ones – is the attention to otherwise feminine ‘looks’ – ie grooming and make-up. It’s hard to come across any woman these days who doesn’t paint her nails. Most wear lipstick. Most spend a lot of attention on their hair and skin. It’s in the realm of clothing that attitudes, for some reason, have changed. This is an ongoing discussion… It’s as if there is some kind of sinister plot to put women off wearing nylons. It’s leading to nylon warfare!

“I think what I can deduce from this in a nutshell, is that women always appear to be old enough to decide whether they like nylons or not (possibly influenced) but for a man it is as if nature intended it to be. I certainly didn’t choose to like women in nylons, but I do and I’m proud to admit it, after all it’s something that was out of my control! I never knew the subject of nylon stockings was so complex, it’s like rocket science!”

“Down here where I live in Kent, I have done studies on particular women on a regular basis (excluding my girlfriend) to see how often they wore a skirt and hosiery. The girls that I have studied, at work, in local shops, in pubs etc, have continually worn trousers. This has been over a period of almost eighteen months. Femininity I am afraid to say is rapidly diminishing and female pride in dress sense has almost gone entirely.”

“Yes, we can all agree that there are choices out there – and that we as women should exercise that choice. However, I truly believe that in some cases the trendsetters are putting their ideas out there, and so overpowering any other competition as to make it non-existent. When was the last time anyone walked into a store and found the choices of skirts, blouses and nice dresses to be anywhere as large as the trouser/ jacket sections? I have to hunt until I’m blue in the face to find pretty clothing! All the stuff that is out there makes me think of Communist re-education camps! And as for choices in hosiery – well, here you have to wade through the knee-deep piles (pardon the pun) of opaques and other garbage just to find decent fleshtone nylons!

“And remember who it is that’s running the American Fashion industry right now. All those women who ran around burning their bras thirty years ago! Did you ever see one feminine piece of clothing turned out by Donna Karan? And forget about our pal Calvin – he’s been designing for skinny little boys for thirty years!

“Until we see a new crop of designers come in with the intelligence of Christian Dior or the style of Coco Chanel, we ain’t gonna see anything new.”

“On recent visits to the supermarket, it has been my observation whilst standing in the queue waiting to pay and looking at people’s shopping (and be honest, we all do!) that women are not buying stockings. Even when you look at the hosiery sections, tights are more widely displayed than stockings, and when you go into a newsagent’s shop stockings are not to be seen on display for sale – just tights and pop socks.

“Sadly, although this web site is doing it’s utmost best to promote stockings, I feel that overall the tights revolution has got a ‘foothold’! Even if a woman is not wearing tights, then she is closeted in trousers.”

“In taking a purely pragmatic view of things you’re probably right but you shouldn’t be so defeatist. After all, we on this forum aren’t going to change the world overnight. It is a long haul job and results will be hard to come by but you must keep the faith and believe that stockings will persist and if enough people keep spreading the word then it will get better.

“There isn’t enough publicity about at the moment to make a real difference and of course the manufacturers have an interest in keeping it that way. Just remember, seeing the next woman in stockings will be all the more sweeter just because they’re quite rare.”

Nylon: the last taboo

Stockings... whore?“I just noticed a posting on the Vogue web site fashion forum. A woman didn’t want to do ‘the whole nylon thing’ when dressing-up. Because, get this, ‘some people may think that you’re a prostitute if you wear nylons.’ So that, folks, in the year 2001, is the symbolic state to which stocking-wearing has become.

“Reading the postings here over the past few months I have definitely noticed a transatlantic divide on the stocking issue. In the UK stockings are seldom worn because of the general and lamentable decline in dress standards and trend towards shabby ‘casual’ attire (which applies as much to men as it does to women).

“There does not seem, however, to be much actual disapproval of stockings and suspenders per se. From the postings of our North American correspondents (and especially those from the US) it would appear that there exists quite a measure of outright hostility toward both stockings and the women who wear them. It seems very odd. Can anyone enlighten the board as to just why and when this hostility developed?”

Nylons are, these days, associated by the Western mind with sex and prostitution. This is a stereotyped image, which results largely from about 70 years of glamour photos and erotic films. It is very interesting to note that the use of the dildo by lesbians – which was a common feature of erotic imagery but was in fact far removed from the truth – has in the last decade been adopted by the lesbian ‘community’. How extraordinary that pornographic images, created by straight men for the enjoyment of straight men, have so influenced the sexual behaviour of those women who – superficially – reject men (whilst they simultaneously admire women who masquerade as men!). Basically, human behaviour is influenced/determined by fashion. The baby boomers, bra burners and the rest of ’em think they’re thinking for themselves – in reality, they are just fellow passengers in a never-ending fashion parade. Tell the feminists that nylons are a form of ‘female empowerment’ – and they’ll wear ’em!

“Could some of this be latent emotions placed upon young ladies today by their bra-burning, hairy legged mamas? The baby-boomers’ children are in high school and college now, and are probably poisoned with their wacky ideas. I never understood the boomers’ whole value system – don’t want the children to have a basic moral upbringing, no manners, any sense of right and wrong, etc. because that’s all false; people should just suck it up and take you at your lumpiest – but they’re afraid to admit that they smoked a little weed in college and slept around – for fear that they’ll try it too.

“Here’s my other theorem: part of it comes from pantyhose being made now with more Lycra and spandex in them than ever before, which when worn all day, seems to hold the heat and perspiration close to the body. This is especially true in the summer around the waist area.

“As for being thought of as a prostitute for wearing nylons -who gives a damn? Are we all a nation of lemmings?”

“You are not alone in your wonderment of the people in this country: Grunge clothes are an expression of individuality, but a lady who chooses to wear glamorous lingerie must be a slut. Girdles are frowned on but pantyhose manufacturers are doing everything but dipping women in a vat of Lycra up to their waist to ensure that waist to toe compression.

“Pantyhose did NOT replace stockings because there was anything wrong with stockings – they were billed as being more convenient and more suitable for shorter skirts.

“Even on this forum, some posters want to set moral standards on what age is ‘proper’ for a young lady to wear stockings. There is an impression that it is not possible for a lady to want to wear stockings for any reason OTHER than sex and the gratification of their mates.

“The hostile people one correspondent encountered in the health club last month would not have given her a second thought if she had purple hair and a chain connecting her nose to her nipple! But because she was wearing NORMAL lingerie from the period prior to pantyhose she was harassed.

“Woman need to concede that there are a lot of hypocrites out there that talk out both sides of their mouth and brains. I only wonder what new diseases and maladies will plague woman as, as you pointed out, pantyhose gets more and more confining and restricting. Maybe I need to complete my pre-med studies – might be a run on doctors.”

Is sex better when wearing stockings?

art-lingerie_Black_Lingerie_Black_Stockings_brunette_Malena_Morgan_meaty_met-nude_solo_stairs_stockings_10Question for all you ladies out there! Do you agree that you that you get better sex when wearing stockings? In my humble opinion the answer is, most definitely yes! For one I always prefer not to remove my underwear for sex as I believe that the resulting effect is almost always better. Once you let your encounter know that you are wearing stockings – maybe by flashing a stocking top or deliberately allowing them to feel your suspenders through your skirt; the resulting sex is almost always great. Apart from the occasional ‘ quick to misfire’! But even when this happens it’s usually a sure sign that it is still the best way to turn a partner on!

What do you think?

By the way, and before you all ask, I’m bisexual and have been since I was 16 and have plenty experience in the power of stockings and suspenders over both sexes! If you’re female and that way inclined, they do it for you as well!

– Even though I’m male and straight I’m going to reply. I couldn’t agree with you more regarding stockings in bed. Mmmmwwwwaaaah

– Have to completely agree with you, a flash of stocking top or the knowledge you are wearing stockings always makes it good. I’m bisexual from the west coast of Scotland and always like my partner and myself to wear stockings during sex, its always good.

– Do any of you women who like to wear stockings during sex, also like to sleep in them for the rest of the night once you’re done?

– I’m just beginning to get my husband to allow me to wear stockings during sex but the first time I did have sex with my stockings on, my husband seemed to love it and I found rubbing my garters against his private parts really seemed to turn him on judging by his reaction and mine.

– Having sex with a lady wearing her stockings is mind boggling. Great. I know, been there, done that! Sliding down those upturned silky legs is a sensation like nothing else in this world. What great memories all of that great sex was. This was before marriage. Now, my wife has to pull her pantyhose off. She can not seem to get the message. No more damned panty hose. Those suspender-held real silk stockings were the greatest. Gone – but not forgotten. Woe is me!

– My girlfriend is comfortable having sex with her stockings on, but always takes them off before falling asleep. When we are doing it, she usually keeps her high-heels on too, and she often slides the shaft of my penis between her stockinged thighs. I usually come instantly. Who wouldn’t?

– I virtually do not have sex with my woman if she fails to don a sheer, sleek, smooth, taut, glistening, sexy, accentuating, sensual and inviting pair of gartered nylon stockings… and I ask that she not remove them before, during or after we engage. Indeed, my woman may wear gartered nylon stockings all of the time. She need not trouble herself with ever removing them. We all know that they must be removed at some time but there certainly is no hurry!

What more can I say?