Wearing stockings for the first time

Stockings in the car“My wife is very attractive, but very shy, and modest. She owned a ‘slutty’ perspective toward stockings before receiving new Aubade and Lou lingerie, and 10 denier Aristoc stockings, I bought her.

“She wore my gifts to dinners, and to a dance club on our ‘dates’. She commented on how elegant, and sexy she felt. She had anticipated feeling uncomfortable in a garter belt and stockings, but acknowledged surprise in the comfort of her new-found elegance.

“However, she was reluctant to wear stockings to work instead of pantyhose. While I respected her choices, she was aware I’d like her to wear stockings everyday.

“Yesterday she said she’d wear stockings and lingerie if I’d pick her up at her office and take her to lunch. She wore 2” Mary-Jane pumps, a blue plaid skirt, and a matching blue sweater for a ‘school-girl’ look, with ‘nude’ 10 denier. Aristocs.

“When I picked her up for lunch she was excited about a pair of compliments about her attire. Since she was dressed down ‘in school-girl attire’, I asked her if she’d flashed a stocking top. She denied knowingly flashing, but told me how sexy she felt.

“We drove to a secluded spot next to the river at a park close to her office. I had anticipated a glimpse of her welt and a touch of the thigh before lunching on the cheese and turkey cuts I picked up at the deli. I suggested a “quickie”, but expected the usual turn down because of the risk of exposure.

“To my surprise my wife smiled and nodded. We risked being caught enjoying a ‘nooner’ in the front seat of my car. In 20 years of wedded bliss, this was the first time my very proper and shy wife agreed to make love outside the privacy of our bedroom.

“My wife went back to pantyhose today, but said she is going to wear stockings again next week if I’ll meet her for lunch.”

“On Thursday evening I treated myself to a new lingerie set from M&S (including a suspender belt) along with a few pairs of stockings in different shades and decided to try the stockings on Friday evening to the staff Christmas party. At first I felt undressed underneath, but I felt fresher and remarkably warm, except when we went outside to go home.

“I managed to keep them a secret from hubby that evening, he was watching a late TV programme when I got in, so I decided they would be his extra Christmas present. I managed to get changed for Midnight Mass whilst he was in the bath. I decided to wear my new black suit with my dark overcoat which I would take off in the church. Since it was so cold I decided to wear my new knee length boots as well. I must say that I felt very comfortable throughout the service, although now and again I was distracted by thinking how many of the women there were planning to seduce their men once home!

“My hubby was still oblivious by the time we got home, although he had commented on the boots and the glimpse of black leg between boot and skirt. I took my coat off and went for his other presents whilst he poured us drinks. Whilst we were talking and unwrapping gifts, I gradually let my skirt ride up my leg. Well, once he spotted the stocking top, he was uncontrollable. I shall leave the rest to your imagination. He wanted me to wear stockings again today, but we were going to be with lots of folk, and I think I shall give him time to get used to them in semi-privacy.”

How to stop garter belts falling down

Garter BeltI read the article on suspender/garter belts and how to avoid stockings from coming down during the day. However simply by wearing longer stockings does not necessarily cure this problem. I have a narrow elastic belt with 4 garters that clip at the back (and I clip them VERY tightly) . It is the belt itself that works itself down during the course of the day. Even if my stockings reach the top of the thighs, they will still be a couple of inches lower later in the day. Any other solutions?

– Well, it could be that you have the tension pulled so tightly on the garters as to begin the process of having the belt begin to pull. I have learned that garters don’t need to be pulled all that tight, in order for the stockings to stay up. This is opposed to an open bottom girdle, which needs the tension to keep the girdle from creeping up…

I also found that when I was wearing one of those flimsy lacy garterbelts the pull of the stockings was too much for them. Since I have switched to a pull-on style belt made of Lycra and cotton, no more problem.

And one mention about the stockings themselves: I wear the old-style RHTs with virtually no give. They still tend to ride down a little bit over the course of the day. When I am visiting the rest room I give them a little smoothing to pull and excess which may have made it’s way down to my shoe. (This is one reason why I undo my stockings when I am answering the call. Perfect time to take care of this! )

– The top of the belt i.e. the body, should be non-stretch and preferably more cotton then synthetics. It should be sitting comfortably over the hip and once in place, there should be no real need to adjust it. The straps have to be long enough to reach to wherever you find it comfortable to attach the stockings.

I normally take a little extra care when putting on the stockings in order to ensure that everything lines up, the attachments feel correct and that nothing moves or pulls around.

Remember it is the straps that hold the stockings in position, and they do not necessarily have to apply huge amounts of upward pull.

If this happens then it means that the stockings are too short, and more then likely will be uncomfortable and will require constant tugging and pulling.

– You have too much tension on the suspenders. There should be some slack so they keep up when you stand and the stockings then won’t pull the belt down when you bend or sit down. Even if you have a flimsy narrow elastic belt, this should work. If you are at work, the next time you are on the toilet, take time to adjust the suspenders while you are sitting – you will be able to feel the tension at the back. Make sure you wear the belt above your waist. Having said that, stockings WILL come down somewhat during the day so adjust them in private moments.

– The best solution is a wide, pull on garterbelt with the rear garters well to the back.

They are very comfortable, stay in place, and garter the stockings tautly. Unlike some other responses, I prefer good tension on my garters. I love the gentle leg massage that comes with every step when the stockings are fastened tautly.

– I have worn open bottomed girdles on and off for many years. They always stay up and certainly don’t work their way down plus they do a wonderful job of shaping. If you haven’t had experience of them before, here are some things to look out for which may cause you problems:

  1. If your skirt is tight-ish, open bottomed girdles produce an unsightly girdle line. Always wear loose skirts.
  2. The only way to go to the bathroom is to roll the girdle down. If you are even slightly sweaty, this is quite difficult. Many women decide not to wear underwear for this reason.
  3. All girdles make you very hot especially when the weather is warm. In the summer I really only wear them to formal occasions indoors where there is air conditioning.

Producing fully fashioned stockings on modern machines

fully fashioned stockings– Is it really not possible to produce FF’s on modern round-knitting machinery? Okay, I’m not talking about “genuine” FF’s but rather a quality that comes as close as possible in terms of feel and look of the original thing, aka non-stretch and 100% nylon.

– Anything can be made less expensively if there are sufficient volumes. It’s a case of creating enough demand and then machine manufacturers would quickly design machines to produce them and the prices would fall.

– As far as I know, this is true. I understand that the machines that make hose these days use a different blend of nylon thread than what was used on the flat knitting machine. However, if there’s money to be made, someone will build a better mousetrap.

– It all depends on the thin thread of what is “close” and what is not. True, original fully fashioned stockings were made by knitting a flat (what could be described as a butterfly) leg, then the leg is closed by knitting the piece together to form a leg and the seam results.

That is why a FF stocking stretches to accommodate the width of a leg but does not stretch in height. If anything, if a leg is full, it will shorten the length of the stocking in order to accommodate – never the opposite.

Modern machines (circular) have a multi-directional stretch capability. This is why, in my opinion, modern stockings with seams are more difficult to keep straight than those made on the original machines.

“Garter belt” pantyhose: atrocity?

lack-Garter-Belt-Look-Pantyhose-large– I was shopping for stockings yesterday and the salesperson offered me a pair of “garter belt” pantyhose which I’d never seen before. I’m sure most of you are familiar with these. They are open, one-piece pantyhose which, when they’re on, sort of take on the appearance of stockings and a garter belt. I put the emphasis on SORT OF. The salesperson was actually wearing a pair and lifted her skirt to show me. She tried to sell me the idea that they had the best qualities of both stockings and pantyhose such as comfort, ease of putting on and off, simplicity when going to the bathroom, etc. She failed to mention how unsexy they look! I passed and bought REAL stockings! Has anyone ever worn these atrocities?

– Before I got a PC, I always had a hard time finding real stockings here in Kansas, the heart of the Bible Belt. I used to buy those things and cut the “garters” off and just use the stocking part with my own garter belts. Not very silky or sexy but it worked. Thank God for the net!

– I particularly find suspender stockings (as we call them in the UK) very sexy. Why has it all to be just plain nylon stockings? There’s a whole world out there of sexy and nice hosiery to discover, guys. If look at it under a different light, you’ll see that hold-ups, and suspender tights can be as sexy as stockings. It all depends on the lady who’s wearing them… 🙂

On the other hand, I must admit I DO hate tights, as they are the symbol of anti-feminism and bad taste, let alone the practical side of it. A pair of nice legs must always be complimented by a pair of nice stockings, hold-ups or suspender tights.

– I agree on this one folks. My girlfriend wears these sometimes and it drives me wild. But I would still prefer a garterbelt and stockings any day because you can’t beat the sexiness of watching a lady put on or take off stockings, or better yet, taking them off yourself.

I also find them sexy. They are a nice substitute for the “real thing” and some women prefer them. So instead of trying to push the real thing on them, I’d be happy to accept this substitute… suspender tights or garterhose or whatever you want to call them, they’re simply not as evil as pantyhose as people here seem to think they are! Anyway, just my opinion 🙂