The man who will only date women in nylon

– Dear Doctors Nylon out there: what am I to do? It appears I will only ask out women who wear nylon. Recently I eschewed making an approach to a couple of quite attractive women. The reason? Their ungodly bare legs. And, as more and more women adopt the bare legs look, this obviously narrows the field for the kind of women I will go out with. Still, I persevere. Believe it or not, there are still a few women out there who coat their legs in sheer nylon. And I will continue – almost quixotic like – in my quest for them.

– May I assume that, in the best of all worlds, you would only date women who wore stockings? So, I am taking from your post that you will face reality and accept that such women are exceedingly rare these days. (I am told that these goddesses comprise about 2% to 5% of the general female population.) You, like so many of us, have decided that to have a love life at all you will choose to date women who wear “nylons” of any ilk, i.e. tights and avoid women who are bare-legged. There, now I think I’ve got your point. Right?

My comment is as follows; I think you have it backwards. Instead of looking at the legs to determine their covering or lack thereof prior to making a dating decision, look instead at the total package and then determine if there is a real attraction.

Suppose you found an exceptionally attractive (intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, physically) young lady who shared your general interests, tastes and pastimes. Suppose this woman was always barelegged. But, in all other respects, she was quite outstanding. Choosing not to date her simply because she was not nylonically enlightened would be cruel. Indeed, this woman is a potential convert. You have a mission my friend to spread the good news!

From my personal experience it may be easier than you think. I am currently dating a Russian woman who never wore stockings. She was barelegged the first time I saw her. She is now completely enlightened and a strong advocate of our mutual fetish. She wears stockings every day. I have had similar experiences with several ladies. But, I have found that it is far easier to persuade foreign women to wear stockings than the domestic variety, at least here in the USA.

But, avoid a woman who will wear stockings only as a favour to you. This may seem like kindness and love on her part at first but it will soon become bartering. She will soon try to “trade” wearing stockings for some other consideration or concession on your part. And, you will soon find that the price of having her in stockings is quite high, maybe too high. Avoid these women. They keep score. You can never win. Besides, there are more than enough women out there who, once used to the joys of stockings, truly want to wear them for themselves. These are the best kind.

By the way, breaking up with a woman you have introduced to stockings is one of the worst break-ups of all. You lose a confirmed stockings wearer, a great little lovemaker, an accomplished flirt and you just know that some other man is going to enjoy her nyloned charms without having earned it. You also know how much easier it will be for her to attract a man once he sees that stockinged leg and bit of thigh. No woman teases like a woman in stockings. It changes her entire outlook. She reeks of self-confidence.

– My god, you could not make more sense!

– I don’t know… honestly, I’ve never had any trouble with getting the woman in my life to wear stockings and a garterbelt. All I’ve ever had to do is ask them and/or buy them some beautiful items… and voila!

For everyday, no… some of the women I’ve been involved with had jobs where it wasn’t practical but for the most part, no problem really.

– Thanks for your replies. To clarify, I am referring to nylons generally, not just stockings (in that case I’d pretty well never find anyone!). I agree that this is certainly an alternative approach: convert the barelegged woman to wearing stockings (or pantyhose). And it is something I have considered. I’m not quite sure why I’m so resistant to it. Maybe I think that a woman who is not wearing them somehow “in her being” lacks the kind of femininity and style I am looking for, and that if I have to “convert” someone it will be something of a battle, no matter how subtle. I’d rather approach someone who is “sufficiently feminine” in this respect, who dresses a certain way because she “loves” dressing that way – that it is “integrated into her soul” and who indeed dresses this way “for herself” – and therefore does not have to be converted, engendering possible interpersonal grievances for being somehow “made to change”. As I say, I’ve “got it” pretty bad – which I humorously call a malaise – hence my light-hearted appeal to “Doctors Nylon” on this site. But, hey, anything is possible.

Yes, trying to convert a woman is always a possibility, and perhaps I shy too much from doing it (though lord knows I’ve gone out with enough women in the past who were nylonless) but I find many women are resistant to “being converted” (so-called feminism and all – “I’m my own woman”, “nobody is going to tell me how to dress”). Therefore, I’d like to approach women who don’t need “to see the light”. I also find women who already dress this way sexier because they’ve “integrated” this style of dress as part of their core natures, as the people they truly are.

Elmer Batters: legend

Elmer Batters“Sorry for bringing this subject up if it has already been discussed to death, but I presume that most, if not all, contributors to this forum are familiar with the work of Elmer Batters. IMHO his photography is required reading for anyone with any pretensions to being a stocking fan, and especially fans of fully fashioned nylons.

“I must admit, that my mind was well and truly boggled when I saw the first Taschen book ‘From the Tip of the Toes to the Top of the Hose’ back in 1996. I had a day off work and wandered into my local branch of Dillons, saw a hardcover book with an attractive lady in FFs and had a look inside. It only took a moment for me to decide to buy it, and I am not one for impulse purchases, normally.

“The same goes for volume two, which is a far bigger and better (not to mention more expensive) work, ‘Legs That Dance to Elmer’s Tune’, complete with velour jacket and encased with a tan-colour stocking!

“In that book they mention the release of a pair of limited-edition monographs featuring further Batters photography. But I have yet to see any sign of it. Does anyone here know whether it has been published (it was scheduled for 1998, I think)? One volume was to feature early black and white photos and the second, the later colour work.”

“The only problem I have with Elmer Batters is his endless fixation with nyloned, and indeed bare, feet (yes I know he was a foot fetishist – I like nyloned feet as much as anyone but not to the point of obsession, which it clearly was with Batters). But this is more than made up for by the rest of his work, which I think is technically superb.

“I don’t think that anyone else who was taking photos for the foot and leg/stocking fetish market in the ’50s to ’80s can touch him for the care and attention he took with the composition and lighting. He photographed some extremely beautiful women in very provocative poses, and they didn’t all conform to the 21st century ‘ideal’ woman ie painfully thin. A lot of his models were really quite plump, which is no bad thing.”

“Elmer is to stocking, leg and foot loving folks as Elvis is to rock and roll. He’s the man! What a gift he had and he passed it along to us. Now we who love and enjoy what he loved and enjoyed can pass it on to the next group who will love and enjoy. His art and affection are timeless!”

“I am a 46/f who ‘discovered’ some Elmer Batters mags among my husband’s personal effects about 20 years ago. (I wasn’t spying, just cleaning.) I found them very arousing and they actually turned our sex life around as I began to emulate the wonderful things the girls wore. Yes, I know Batters often had girls without shoes, but if you recall he almost always had them standing up on their tippy toes, creating almost the same effect as heels.

“His models often had substantial thighs (an advantage for me!) and often the reinforced top of the stockings created a little ‘bulge’ just above that my hubby loved to kiss!”

“I first discovered him – and the book – also in 96, when I caught my friend leafing through it in an out-of-town bookstore. I couldn’t believe it. Here was someone who had the audacity to snap pics of women’s nyloned feet, and wasn’t embarrassed to make a photo career out of it. I never knew such an art existed. How naive I was. When I got home I decided I had to have this book, so called the bookstore and ordered it over phone. I was pretty embarrassed. But the ever-so-cool clerk simply remarked ‘Elmer Batters’ as if I was ordering some book in the art avant garde. In the short ensuing years I have discovered other variants of this kind of photography to my heart’s content. As a matter of fact, I never realised many more people than myself had this same kind of fetish, and was overjoyed to discover – alas god bless the web – there are many, many more. But please don’t knock those nyloned feet images. They’re heaven sent, we nyloned feet fetishists know for sure. Thanks for mention of the second volume. Encased in a nylon – how sweet!”

Is nylon dead?

Skintone stockingsFirst of all I have to say I am a nylon lover, but seeing women wearing them is getting to be a rare thing. I was at a wedding about ten years ago and I remember that most of the ladies were wearing nylons under their dresses (I’d like to think they were stockings but that’s just wishful thinking!)

I was at another wedding a few weeks ago, a similar time of year to the first and I counted six young(ish) women wearing nylons (older women seem to still wear them). Most women had similar attire to the first wedding, but had bare legs. It is becoming more and more rare to see a girl wearing a skirt and wearing stockings/tights underneath. Lets hope fashions change soon.

May nylon rest in peace (for the time being anyway but please return soon.

– Unfortunately I have to agree in a certain way. This weekend I was in Blackpool on a friends stag weekend… and as these things normally develop myself and a few friends ended up in a lapdancing club… a very high class establishment called sinless. Out of all 20 of these gorgeous girls only one was wearing white lace top hold ups. I asked one of the girls about wearing sands and was told that the girls don’t wear them as much ’cause they were a little tacky… I nearly cried. When I tried to say that I thought it was the opposite, she lost interest in the conversation and buggered off… ah well I tried guys.

Then onto a night club… not a single pair of stockings in sight. There must have been three or four hen nights, two of which had a St Trinians and policewomen theme but there was not a stocking between them. I’m starting to get a little depressed.

The missus thinks it has to do with the perception that a) stockings and suspenders are uncomfortable and b) they are a lot of effort to put on. Any thoughts?

– I agree with your wife on her observations and this could be due to most women being lazy. Perceptions are odd things, easy to generate but very difficult to change. Most people don’t want to be convinced by reasoned argument, they’d rather follow the crowd and unfortunately this applies in everything in life. However your wife keeps wearing them so keep encouraging and supporting her.

– I have to agree unfortunately. Here in Chicago it’s the start of summer and you’ll find very few women wearing nylons. Of any kind. This is especially noticeable in the evenings at bars and restaurants. Very few nylons indeed.

– It is sad to say but I have to agree with you for the Detroit area. It was very hard to find a woman wearing stockings when the weather was cooler, let alone now that it is warming up. It seems that the trend is the bare leg, no matter what they are wearing. Ugh!

– They’re not dead yet! I have, as will be widely known, just been eased into stockings. Up until about six months ago I did not even know how to put on a suspender belt let alone choose different styles and colours. I have to confess that my flirtation with stockings is pretty much man driven, because it’s been two men that have bought for and advised on my recent conversion.

At school we wore thick dark tights with a grey pleated skirt, white shirt and tie. Shoes were strictly heavy with thick heels. But when I finally left college and hit London things changed from jeans to a business suit and skirts. This meant bare legs or some kind of hose. Of course tights were the common choice and I think I looked ok! Very business-like.

Then things changed again by fluke, a party joke, a nosey streak and flash! I wore my first schoolie outfit for about three years, except this was a little shorter, like up round my waist. In fact another girl had to adjust everything for me as I did not have a clue! Even down to how to clip the stockings in the fasteners, sad!

Then another chance meeting with a confirmed stockings nut, who is just a friend and no more, led to the buzz of being snapped in stockings. A promotion into a work area where the guys are above me in the company but can’t resist long legs means I often get away with murder and I don’t know why! Wink! Wink!

I find that from time to time I enjoy the challenge of a certain amount of discomfort on the train and around the office, to really feel… Well different from the other girls and I now know what it does to grown men!

I don’t often wear very short skirts. If I do, I wear tights but just occasionally I wear one just decent enough to cover up the stockings underneath. Then, armed with a long coat, I go to work knowing I’m the centre of attention for the day! Some will say tart! Some will say worse but it doesn’t hurt anyone. It’s just a laugh. All it takes is more time getting dressed, more time constantly adjusting things, more time in the loo! All in all a real pain in the backside but for a few hours I get almost anything I like, late start, long lunch break, lots of enquiries about if I need another coffee. Great!

Mind you if stockings were as easy as tights and the effect was the same, no work would be done in the city at all! I’ll try to carry on wearing for as long as I feel I can. It’s usually other women that stop women wearing stockings by implying “she’s a tart”. In fact it’s been implied on this very forum that certain types of dress style “would not be allowed in my office”. Well all I can say is poor fellas! My guys get a nice flash from time to time and that hurts no one at all and my reputation stands on my work abilities not my dress sense.

I almost fell over this morning. We’ve had a new secretary in the office for the past six months. She has been wearing slacks and it looks like boots of some kind since she has been here. A couple of weeks ago she wore a pair of heels, maybe 2″, a couple of times. This morning she came in with a skirt that was just above her knee and a pair of off-black nylon hose. I’m pretty sure that they are probably tights but when all I’ve been seeing are slacks and bare legs, even the tights looks good. Maybe nylon isn’t dead only on a sick bed.