Nylons or stockings?

george-marks-woman-wearing-stockings-sitting-by-fireplaceWhen nylon stockings were invented they were known as ‘nylons’. Nowadays with all the other types of hosiery on the market isn’t it about time the name ‘nylons’ came back in to force for nylon stockings and tights alike. It would also be easier for men to say to women how much they like their ‘nylons’ rather than getting the nature of hosiery wrong to somebody’s embarrassment! Besides when stockings are referred to as being a turn on for men are we really meaning nylon stockings?

An EMPHATIC yes. We do mean nylon stockings, not nylons as in tights, pantyhose, thigh-hi or any other type of “nylons”. When one refers to nylons, it encompasses all nylon hosiery. Stockings means STOCKINGS… as in gartered nylon stocking hosiery.

We “stocking” admirers take our love of the garment seriously as well as our efforts to persuade as many women as possible to prefer donning them. We tend to be rather passionate in our devotion to “stocking-clad” legged women.

Consider, if you will, referring to all shoes as shoes… eliminating the distinction of sandals, pumps, sneakers, slippers, etc. Or, referring to all lingerie as lingerie omitting the distinction of a corset versus a girdle or a bustier or even perhaps a garter belt, etc. Distinctions and specificity are not at all bad. The practice, thereof, minimizes confusion and possessing that which one does not wish to possess.

I was always confused by this. By “nylons” some people mean any type of nylon hosiery even if it refers to pantyhose. Others use the word to refer specifically to stockings. I have often been confused by this in fiction, a statement like “she was wearing sheer black nylons” and later “he put his hand down the waist of her pantyhose” (You can tell what sort of fiction I read from this, I guess, hee hee)

I wish there were a name that meant fully fashioned nylon stockings, as opposed to modern stockings, pantyhose, stay-ups or whatever. But of course since the garments are now past the days when they were a major issue I guess that won’t happen. Therefore, it is in this forum, the bastion of true stocking appreciation, that the answer will be found. A while back, someone used to refer to “the kit”. Perhaps we could come up with a better name. Let’s all give it some thought.

The reason for my original post was that about five years ago when I was 28 years old I gave a female colleague of mine a lift to work one day (due to her car being serviced) and I noticed she was wearing nylons going to work but had changed her hosiery for going home to some kind of opaque/cotton numbers (as a man I notice these things!). Now not knowing if she wore tights or stockings and the fact she had changed the fabric of her hosiery I just said ‘Weren’t you wearing ‘nylons’ this morning? She just sniggered the word ‘nylons’ back to me and called it a bit old fashioned! Now as it transpired she was wearing hold up stockings but I wondered if she would she have sniggered if I asked ‘Weren’t you wearing nylon stockings this morning?

gi_full_afHere in the USA the terms stockings and pantyhose are mixed to mean the same thing. I have heard even my own husband using the term stockings when I know he means pantyhose. There seems to be confusion between the two terms. I had to tell my husband that stockings means they have to have something to hold them up, thigh highs have an elastic band to hold them up and pantyhose are an item of hosiery all knitted in one piece that comes up to the waist.

We also have the problem of distinguishing the type of material the stockings are made of. You can purchase stockings made from 100% nylon or a percentage of nylon and a percentage of Lycra. To me there is a big difference of feeling a leg with 100% nylon and a combination of nylon and Lycra. That is why I have never liked the looks of the shiny hose because they contain a high percentage of Lycra. Give me nylon.

I have a bit of a problem with this. Most women I know use the term ‘nylons’ even if this applies to heavier denier hosiery, pantyhose or knee-highs. But for me the word conjures up the traditional true nylon stocking, or at least a reasonable facsimilie, that is very sheer in a low denier count. Perhaps that’s because I grew up in the era of true nylons and regard what passes for ‘nylons’ these days as somewhat an aberrant form of the original product. However, one thing about the term: it still has a titillating and seductive power to it.

As you so rightly say the term ‘nylons’ does have a seductive power to it. Therefore wouldn’t it be better to call all forms of nylon hosiery by that term. I’m sure most men would settle for nylon tights/pantyhose as opposed to opaque or cotton stockings. Let’s be honest when you see a woman in the street wearing sheer hosiery you admire her nylon clad legs first and foremost before wondering whether she is wearing stockings or not. Nothing can beat nylon stockings we know that, but do nylon tights/pantyhose come a distant second rather than opaque stockings? If you asked 100 people at random to name something made out of nylon I bet there would be only two answers – stockings or tights/pantyhose.

At the end of the day we are mostly nylon lovers rather than stocking lovers, no other type of stocking does it for me and as for Lycra I’ve felt smoother sandpaper!

As much as I love stockings – and think them the apex of nylon hosiery – it is ‘nylons’ I love overall. You’re right, I love legs in ‘nylon’ hosiery’ – the sheerer the better – regardless of stockings or pantyhose. As I’ve pointed out previously I really have nothing much against pantyhose. Stockings are better of course but nylons are nylons or a nylon/Lycra mix which isn’t that bad (my purest sensibilities aside). I guess my only reservation about the use of ‘nylon’ is it doesn’t conjure up the images of true nylon stockings of old, during my formative (fetish) years.

Nylon_Stockings-addHaving worn pantyhose for more than 30 years I can tell you when I switched over to FF stockings there is nothing so soft or silky. Pantyhose can’t even come close. Plus stockings are much lighter and therefore cooler on the legs than any other form of hosiery.

Please! Nylons are gartered nylon stockings… 100% nylon. Pantyhose, tights, thigh-highs, knee-highs and yes, even socks are hosiery! The term nylons should be reserved for identifying gartered nylon stockings… period. Let us refrain from obfuscating the issue… please.

Here in the US, when people say stockings, they normally refer to either pantyhose or stockings. it’s just a general term. more often than not though, stockings or even the word “nylons” refers to pantyhose which is what most of the women in the US wear.

Incidentally, in Latin America, the same applies. “Medias” means stockings but women use that same term for either thigh-highs, stockings or pantyhose.