Tips for stocking spotting during jury service

RHT stockingsI have jury service for two weeks commencing this coming Monday. Anyone got any suggestions of where/what to look out for in the way of girls/women wearing stockings/holdups. I am in London. I look forward to your interesting ideas.

– In most courts, the jury bench is square-on to counsel’s row so, depending on which position you are along the bench, you may get a direct view along counsel’s row. If you have a short-skirted lady barrister sitting nearest to you in counsel’s row, you might be in for some good views, although there may be someone sitting between you and her, interrupting the view.

Although the barrister’s gown may add a protective layer, when sitting down, it most often falls away, allowing unimpeded view of the legs beneath.

Unfortunately, you will not have access to the bar mess, or robing room – which is usually my best viewing area. Most robing rooms are now unisex, which allows unparalleled opportunities for seeing such things as changing shoes (great for the reinforced heel/toe enthusiast), adjusting skirts etc, and lounging around in fairly low armchairs, which makes it impossible not to see any stocking-tops that may be on offer. I have yet to see someone actually adjusting her stockings, although I have seen more than one discarded pair in a wastepaper basket (presumably the actual changing took place in a toilet cubicle).

Anyway – good luck! Unlike you, however, not only am I in court every day – but I actually get paid for being there!

Some women wearing stockings, when standing up, will run their hands over the front of their skirts to make sure they’re still “done up”. Or you could try looking for the little bumps at the front if the skirts are tight. Good luck.

First time in stockings

Queen_size_RHT_stockings_LA lady friend and I were discussing stockings (what else?) recently and she said that she began wearing them only because her boyfriend at the time suggested it. She and the boyfriend parted years ago but she says she wears stockings about three times a week and almost always on dates.

It got me to wondering about the women reading and posting here. Dear ladies; did you begin wearing stockings because someone else suggested it or did you develop an interest yourself and then begin wearing them quite independently from anyone’s suggestion? Thank you in advance for your responses.

– I started wearing stockings when I was about16/17. Tights kept giving me thrush and I have not worn them since. I only ever wear stockings/hold-ups and it has been that way for 20 years now!

– I began wearing stockings after seeing the idea in a book that “stockings and a garterbelt are always more sexy than pantyhose”. At first I totally rejected the idea and put the book away. But in October of 2000, I began looking for ways to improve my marriage to my husband to kind of liven things up in the sex department. So I started very hesitantly at first wearing stockings with lycra in them and made the usual mistakes of trying to get what the stores offered. In the USA good quality stockings are almost impossible to get in the shopping malls.

Through this forum I discovered all I needed to know about wearing stockings, including which ones were best for me, and which manufacturer to get them from, plus where to get the best garter belts and what type were the most comfortable for me. So now I wear them mostly for myself, but also I wear them for my husband.

– I wore them as a young girl in high school but then pantyhose became the rage. I didn’t wear them again until I met my husband. While we were dating he constantly bought me clothes. He likes to dress me as though I were his own personal doll. At first I felt awkward but I also enjoyed the compliments the clothes he bought for me were attracting. Also, he was (and is) very generous and has excellent taste. So, I ended up with a wardrobe I never would have purchased for myself.

He got me back into stockings. He hates women wearing pantyhose and I think if the inventor of them isn’t already dead he would surely hunt him down. At first I wore them only because he wanted me to and he bought tons and tons of them. Even if I wanted to wear pantyhose I’d be hard pressed to find a single pair in any of our three residences.

Now I wear stockings because I genuinely like them and the effect they have on him and every other man I know. I am completely faithful to my husband but I love to tease. Sometimes my teasing distresses my husband but I tell him it’s his fault. If I were in pantyhose no one would be looking.

– Mary Quant invented pantyhose – an English clothing designer in the sixties.

– I had always thought of stockings and garterbelts, as well as girdles and corsets as part of the wonderful world of femininity. Although I never wore them as a girl or young woman, I always kept the idea of them in the back of my mind.

Not long after I met my now-husband, we went on an expedition through every major department store in Boston. Every lingerie sales person looked at me as if I had three heads! They couldn’t believe I was asking for stockings, let alone silk stockings! My boyfriend encouraged me to continue my quest – not to satisfy a need on his part, but rather because he somehow knew I would be happier in them.

To make a long story short, I finally got fed up with pantyhose, and decided to make the change. Thanks to some intrepid web surfing, I discovered this site which helped me to make the permanent shift to stockings. I wear them almost every day, much to the delight of my husband. They have given me a level of confidence and pride in my appearance than I didn’t have before. And a little harmless stocking flirting is a great side benefit!

How do I get my wife to wear RHT stockings?

RHT stockingsI love the sight of women in RHTs and yet my wife thinks they are just to cumbersome to be bothered with them. I have tried the old “they are healthier” bit with no success. Have any of you had this problem and know of ways of convincing her?

I even managed to convince my secretary to wear them and now she does all the time but my wife won’t listen! I wish there was a disaster that would turn women off tights. Like spiders and mice are able to live in there without you knowing! What do you think?

– I think its easier to convince an employee to wear stockings than to convince one’s wife to do almost anything.

You have no positional power over your wife. However, it’s this very positional power that might someday make you the subject of a sexual harassment lawsuit should your secretary ever decide she is unhappy with you or the workload you give her or the days off she gets or a special favour you did not grant or the amount of pay increase she received or… I think you get my point.

As to your wife, how long have you been married? How long have you been trying to convince her? Does your wife know your secretary and if so, does your wife know that she wears stockings? If she does know that does she know you are the person who convinced her to do so?

It’s possible that your wife, knowing that your secretary wears stockings, has decided that the only reason you want her to wear them is so she will be as attractive to you as your secretary. Your wife wants to be thought of as attractive in her own right not attractive because she reminds you of your secretary.

– Give your wife a coupon book as a gift. You make up the coupons. You can find sites on the Internet that will give you suggestions as to what the coupons should say. Use a search engine and enter “love coupons” as the search term. You should get plenty of sites.

For example, some say “I’ll do the dishes”. Some say “Good for a full body massage”. Some say “Good for a romantic dinner”. Some might say “I’ll be your personal love slave”. You get the idea? Tell her that she can use these coupons with you anytime she wants. Make sure you make her coupons good for things you know she enjoys but maybe you have been reluctant to do with her i.e. theatre, shopping, etc. Don’t make them all about sex. But make sure one of the coupons says “I’ll do anything you want. ” Make sure she knows that’s the most important coupon of all.

Then tell her that you would really enjoy having a coupon book that she makes up. That’s when you may hit pay dirt. If you make the book you give her really sensitive to the things you know she likes the chances are very good that she will reciprocate when she makes your book. Try to limit the number of coupons to 10 and put an expiration date of no more than thirty days on it.

Now, if she gives you a coupon that says “I’ll do anything you want” you will of course be ready with stockings and suspenders. But, make sure you make the entire evening very enjoyable. Buy her a nice dress. Take her to dinner. Buy her a corsage. Order a fine wine. Make it a celebration. Rent a hotel room… a good one. Let this be a very memorable event. From that time on she should associate stockings with a wonderful time and you will find it is much easier to get her to wear them Especially when you buy them as presents.

– I haven’t been married for 26 years (five for me), but here is how I got my wife to like 15 denier RHTs:

First, I simply ordered several pairs without her knowing about it, as well as a stong garter belt (with metal clips). Once we got them in the mail, I asked her to just put them on for love-making. She had no problem with that. To make it sexier for me, I would have her put on business suit and everything just so I could take everything off (but the garter and stockings). When she had her business suit on, I truthfully noted how much better the stockings made her legs look than the nylon/spandex/lycra mix in pantyhose. She looked down and noticed the same thing. The stockings are so sheer and sexy, that her legs looked so much better than when in pantyhose.

I ensured her that I couldn’t see the stocking tops when standing or sitting and told her that she should wear them to work. She agreed at that point. Before leaving for work, I told her to put an extra stocking in her purse just in case of a run (and thereby completely turning her off). Therefore, I did several things:

  1. Showed her how much better her legs looked in daily clothes of which she agreed.
  2. Convinced her that there is no way her work peers could notice that she was wearing stockings (which wouldn’t have bothered me – lol).
  3. Ensured she had a garter belt that would securely fasten her stockings, reducing the wrinkling around knees and ankles.
  4. Gave her an extra stocking just in case of runs (which she has had to turn to many times).
  5. Lastly, when she got home from work, I made love to her like never before… something she definitely values!

Hope this helps!

– Now here’s one more, give your wife freedom of choice, for me that was the clincher. Knowing it was my choice was very important to me. Everyone likes having a choice and no one likes being told what to do. When I am told what to do it instantly gets my defences up. Women want to know their husband or boyfriend loves them for who and what they are not what they wear.

Coloured stockings

Coloured stockings– Why cant we get stockings in more vibrant colours? Why does everything have to be black? Don’t get me wrong… black can be very sexy… but we should be able to get more colours. You can get all colours of lingerie, but then have to make do with black, tan, or white stockings, which to me is a bit of a shame.

– I agree with you. I like to wear coloured stockings, but they are very rare (mostly vintage), except “regular” colours like blue or red. I also like to wear contrast colour seams.

– Personally, I like mocha or coffee coloured hose. Anyone else?

– I agree – I don’t like wearing tan coloured stockings, and as you say black and white does get repetitive! I’ve been trying for ages to find somewhere to get coloured stockings at a reasonable price, but haven’t succeeded yet – any hints anyone?

– I remember a number of years ago (probably 15) Wonderbra put out a line of coloured stockings. I can’t even remember how many pairs I bought but I still have a pair of green and a pair of pink left. The colours were lovely pastels (pale green, light blue, light pink, red and light grey along with the usual tan, black, midnight. The stocking quality was good too as is attested to the fact that I still have two pairs. I agree I wish they would make a comeback.

Victoria’s Secret has a line of coloured nylons and stay-ups. My wife has them in a light grey that is just gorgeous and in a peach that is very sheer and shiny. At least in the US they don’t cost an arm and a stockinged leg. Other normal colours are also available.

– I dye nylons different colours. I have dyed in purple, blue and red. Over time, the dye does fade but it’s a good way to get some different colours cheaply and quick. RHTs work best. I have found that with FFs you never know how dark the seams will be.

– Jonathan Aston do all sorts of colours – including white with fluorescent pink, green, and yellow welts. Truly sensational. I don’t think they currently have a web site and I don’t know of anyone who stocks the full range on line. I do, however, sense a gap in the market 🙂

– You know (and please be kind in the responses) I think that is one area where pantyhose has gained ground over stockings.

A visit to almost any site that sells pantyhose and tights will reveal a multitude of colours – practically the entire spectrum.

It’s been a boon to me as I have found some to match every contemporary suit and trousers that I regularly wear.

I know its probably more of a “cart before the horse” situation but I consider it a small part of the “vicious cycle” of stockings decline. Less stocking wearing = limited colour selection = less stocking wearing, so on…

Sorry but I personally PREFER the lack of coloured stockings. While I agree that the colour black is rather too predominant, I LOVE tan, off black and gray coloured stockings. I have acquired quite a penchant for tan coloured stockings especially. I find they possess a particularly erotic and sexy (not to mention sensual), appeal. In short… I could not care less about the other colours of the rainbow being applied to stockings. To diminish the use of jet black coloured stockings WOULD be a welcome relief. “To each his beach” as the saying goes.