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U Star Novels – Top Personalised Valentines Day Gifts

Anyone can give their special someone a box of candy or some roses for Valentine's Day, but how original is that? Those who can come up with more unique ideas for Valentine's Day will not only show their partner how much they care, but will also gain more respect from that partner by knowing they took the time to think of something special.

Personalised Valentine's Day gifts are a great idea, but how do you find something like that? Here's something that might help. You can now get unique Valentine's gifts in the form of a personalised classic novel for that special someone in your life.

U Star Novels now offers you the opportunity to star as one of the characters in a number of classic novels, with your partner included in the story as well. The classic Romeo and Juliet can have you and your lover playing the starring roles in your own first edition personalised novel.

These personalised Valentine's Day gifts not only offer the opportunity for you and your partner to play the starring roles as Romeo and Juliet, but you can also include any friends or family members you want to add to play the parts of Mercutio, The Nurse, Tybalt, and Paris.

These personalised classic novels offer a great choice in your search for unique ideas for Valentine's Day, and there are other classics besides Romeo and Juliet to choose from.

When thinking of Valentine's gifts for him, you may prefer Dracula by Bram Stoker. If watching Twilight has given you a taste for vampire tales, perhaps he will play the role of Count Dracula and you can play the part of Mina Murray, or perhaps you prefer the Count's first victim, Lucy Westenra. You can also assign the parts of Van Helsing, Jonathon Harker, and Dr. John Seward to any friend or family member you choose.

As Valentine's Day gifts for her, perhaps you would prefer your own personalised novel of Alice in Wonderland, or The Wizard of Oz. Other classic novels that you could consider for personalised Valentine's Day gifts include A Christmas Carol, or perhaps experience the whirlwind romance between Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice by playing the starring roles.

Other titles include The Hound of the Baskervilles, the most famous Sherlock Holmes tale of murder and intrigue.

Instead of giving your partner the same old boring Valentine's gift, now you can surprise them with their own personalised classic novel.
— U Star Novels is the UK's only publisher of personalised novels. Awarded Business Plan of the Year at the 2006 Start Up Awards and more recently a national finalist in the 2009 HSBC Start Up Stars, U Star Classics was launched allowing you to star in a famous story including Pride & Prejudice, Hound of the Baskervilles and Romeo & Juliet. Visit U Star Novels. Source: