Stockings at work

Stockings at work“Does anyone here work with ladies that wear stockings to work? I do, luckily, and it would be interesting to hear the experiences of others. ie what type of stockings, worn with what outfits and in what sort of situation did you realise that they were stockings and not tights.”

“On occasion, my 27-year-old executive assistant does. A few months ago, in the fall, we drove to a restaurant for lunch. She was wearing a long, beige wrap skirt. As she was getting out of the car, she elegantly swivelled in her seat and placed both her legs on the pavement. It was at this moment that her wrap skirt opened and I sighted her garter straps attached to her tan lace stocking tops.

“A couple of weeks ago, she wore a long black skirt with a slit on the side, to around her knee. In, in the morning, the tell tale bumps of her garters were sometimes visible beneath her skirt.”

“My secretary used to wear stockings all the time and often gave us a visual treat of her stocking tops. She would swivel round on her chair to answer the phone and leave one foot in the original position; result was that her short business skirts would ride up to reveal her tops.

“One pair of stockings had a rambling rose design that ran up her leg and became quite decorative just below the darker top. Needless to say the sight of the more bushy part of the roses being regularly revealed was a promise that the magic top was not far away! This was such a wonderful sight. She would also sit opposite my desk and cross her legs with predictable consequences. Wonderful!”

“One colleague in the past, Julie, used to wear stockings to work every day. The give away was the bulge of her suspenders clips. I remember asking her about it once and she said that she had worn them since she was sixteen. She was in her early thirties when I knew her. I never got a sighting of her stocking tops though. She always wore skirts below knee length.”

“There are two women who definitely wear them where I work. One is a close friend, and I have seen her tops often – getting in/out of my car, in the pub, on low sofas etc. At a party at her house once I checked out her ‘top draw’ and she only had hold ups – no tights. The other doesn’t wear skirts much but if she does she wears stockings (bumps in skirt) or hold ups. There are several other suspects, as yet unproven. Oh and my wife wears them daily.”