The appeal of reinforced toes

– I have always loved reinforced toes – and it’s even better if they’re with reinforced heels – particularly poking through open toed shoes or sandals. As you know, many so-called contemporary fashion experts tell women these days to buy ‘nude-toe’ stockings because reinforced toes, they say, are ugly or tacky. In fact, CNN did a consumer segment on nylons about a year ago, and, among other things poked fun at reinforecd toes (ie. “aye, my toes are a different colour from the rest of my feet”!). They also evaluated the new form of “no toes” stockings to wear with sandals, so it looks like the woman is not wearing stockings at all because her toes are uncovered. Shriek! Of course you and I know reinforced toes are the sexiest part!

– I cannot believe I’m not alone! I have been told this fetish for large reinforced toes is one of a kind! I have collected nylons and pantyhose for years and am always looking for huge reinforced toes that are very dark and contrast with the leg. In the mid to late ’80s I sourced a brand of pantyhose called Albert’s and the style was “control top plus”. The “plus” was a very large heavier reinforced toe. Well once I saw these I purchased many pairs (about 350 pairs) and am now down to about 150 pairs and starting to hunt for a replacement. I have also noticed a move in the fashion world to eliminate the so called ugly or tacky reinforced toe. If we go back to the ’50s, women wore open toed mules with RHTs for all to see and it was not considered ugly.

– I love those reinforced toes (even when they’re not enormous). Too bad the trend seems to be away from them. It wasn’t enough to make “sandal toe” hose, now they’re coming out with a new pantyhose which has the toe section cut out altogether… probably the result of the preoccupation with feet that is rampant in the media today in America. They think it is sexier to expose the toes, but I feel just the opposite, and I’m sure you would agree…

There is a preoccupation in magazines about showing actresses with exposed feet. What’s with that? Is this a new form of foot fetish? But of course, of course, none of these women are ever shown in stockinged feet. Although at one time – perhaps as recently as five years ago – some would have been so depicted. I think this unfortunately is because current fashion trends consider it gauche to show exposed feet in nylons.

Legs from Sweden

tacchi_e_calze_di_nylon_20150901_1713497831Legs are certified 100% made in Sweden, black stockings and high heels probably coming from somewhere else but… who cares? This lady has a fetish for high heels shoes (she is calling herself an high heels fetishist). For sure she has an amazing pair of legs and a great collection of pantyhose, hold-ups and stockings to lure all the men on the web and probably not only men!

Here you can find the gallery, published on lgdd.

Elmer Batters: legend

Elmer Batters“Sorry for bringing this subject up if it has already been discussed to death, but I presume that most, if not all, contributors to this forum are familiar with the work of Elmer Batters. IMHO his photography is required reading for anyone with any pretensions to being a stocking fan, and especially fans of fully fashioned nylons.

“I must admit, that my mind was well and truly boggled when I saw the first Taschen book ‘From the Tip of the Toes to the Top of the Hose’ back in 1996. I had a day off work and wandered into my local branch of Dillons, saw a hardcover book with an attractive lady in FFs and had a look inside. It only took a moment for me to decide to buy it, and I am not one for impulse purchases, normally.

“The same goes for volume two, which is a far bigger and better (not to mention more expensive) work, ‘Legs That Dance to Elmer’s Tune’, complete with velour jacket and encased with a tan-colour stocking!

“In that book they mention the release of a pair of limited-edition monographs featuring further Batters photography. But I have yet to see any sign of it. Does anyone here know whether it has been published (it was scheduled for 1998, I think)? One volume was to feature early black and white photos and the second, the later colour work.”

“The only problem I have with Elmer Batters is his endless fixation with nyloned, and indeed bare, feet (yes I know he was a foot fetishist – I like nyloned feet as much as anyone but not to the point of obsession, which it clearly was with Batters). But this is more than made up for by the rest of his work, which I think is technically superb.

“I don’t think that anyone else who was taking photos for the foot and leg/stocking fetish market in the ’50s to ’80s can touch him for the care and attention he took with the composition and lighting. He photographed some extremely beautiful women in very provocative poses, and they didn’t all conform to the 21st century ‘ideal’ woman ie painfully thin. A lot of his models were really quite plump, which is no bad thing.”

“Elmer is to stocking, leg and foot loving folks as Elvis is to rock and roll. He’s the man! What a gift he had and he passed it along to us. Now we who love and enjoy what he loved and enjoyed can pass it on to the next group who will love and enjoy. His art and affection are timeless!”

“I am a 46/f who ‘discovered’ some Elmer Batters mags among my husband’s personal effects about 20 years ago. (I wasn’t spying, just cleaning.) I found them very arousing and they actually turned our sex life around as I began to emulate the wonderful things the girls wore. Yes, I know Batters often had girls without shoes, but if you recall he almost always had them standing up on their tippy toes, creating almost the same effect as heels.

“His models often had substantial thighs (an advantage for me!) and often the reinforced top of the stockings created a little ‘bulge’ just above that my hubby loved to kiss!”

“I first discovered him – and the book – also in 96, when I caught my friend leafing through it in an out-of-town bookstore. I couldn’t believe it. Here was someone who had the audacity to snap pics of women’s nyloned feet, and wasn’t embarrassed to make a photo career out of it. I never knew such an art existed. How naive I was. When I got home I decided I had to have this book, so called the bookstore and ordered it over phone. I was pretty embarrassed. But the ever-so-cool clerk simply remarked ‘Elmer Batters’ as if I was ordering some book in the art avant garde. In the short ensuing years I have discovered other variants of this kind of photography to my heart’s content. As a matter of fact, I never realised many more people than myself had this same kind of fetish, and was overjoyed to discover – alas god bless the web – there are many, many more. But please don’t knock those nyloned feet images. They’re heaven sent, we nyloned feet fetishists know for sure. Thanks for mention of the second volume. Encased in a nylon – how sweet!”

How to Give a Good Blowjob

Whether you're a beginner at this or have graduated with honors from "Blowjob University", this article is going to take your game to a whole new level. It's packed with tips, strategies and guidelines for ensuring an erupting good time, EVERYTIME! If your man only knew you were reading this he'd be salivating. Imagine his excitement after you apply some of these tips on your next night of intimacy. So, without further ado…let's make you a master! Show Enthusiasm This is hands down the MOST important rule. Your man thrives and squirms with excitement over the moans and desire you exude. Beg for his cock. It's what he wants. Show that there's nothing more you want than to make him come an enormous load. I'm getting dirty here because I want you to understand the raw craving you should show for your man's penis. This is crucial. It's the foundation for the blowjob. Your man gets off on your own sexuality. Pleasing you by any means will heighten the experience for him. Because a blowjob is an act performed completely by you, it's extremely important for you to convey that you're just as turned on as he is. A great way to fall into this role with ease is to feel the power you have over your man at that moment. Giving a blowjob doesn't make you submissive. Actually, it gives YOU all the control. Your man is at your mercy, being tortured by every tantalizing caress of the tongue and mouth. Have fun with this role and play up to his excitement. Use Your Surroundings Remember, the best oral sex starts long before you take off his clothes. Set the scene of the crime. Use soft or dim lighting. Candles are an easy fix for this. If you prefer, put on some music that isn't distracting. Let your lover come home and find you waiting in the bedroom, wearing nothing but your sexiest g-string. You can dress up or even role play to satisfy a kinky craving. Of course, what you wear may change depending on which room you do the deed in. High heels and sexy lingerie always work great in the kitchen. J Wherever you wind up, take stock of the furniture in the room. Counter tops, chairs, tables, ottomans and bed are all fair game for you to sit, kneel, lean or lay down in as you begin the mind bending blowjob he's always dreamed about. For this article, let's assume the most relaxing scenario – the bedroom. Lay him down on crisp clean sheets, building his anticipation and arousal to a tantalizing level. Building Him Up Explore his entire body with your hands, and lips moving up and down with soft gentle kisses. Tease him with the subtleness of your touch. As you progress and begin to lightly kiss, lick and bite his body, don't forget about those special erogenous zones like his ear lobes, the nape of his neck, his chest, stomach and thighs. Be vocal. Moan, talk dirty, beg to satisfy him – he'll love it. Tell him how bad you want to suck his cock. Continue kissing his body as you slowly move down towards his genitals. Tease him by sucking his fingers, giving him a preview of how you're going to go down on him. Really get him going. Torture him with pleasure. Use Your Entire Body As you kiss him, rub your breasts sensually down his body. Be sure to catch his balls as you sweep downward toward his cock. Brush them up and down on his shaft. Use your hands. If he likes it, caress gently with your fingernails. Caress him with your body. From your legs, feet, ass and mouth, find creative ways to toy with his excitement. However you perform, move your body naturally to the rhythm of your hands and mouth. Make it a sensual dance. He'll definitely enjoy the show. Change your rhythm with the pace of your moods. Be playful, intense, slow and sensual, or fast and frantic—or all these things in turns during an amazing blowjob. Now we get to the meat and potatoes (pardon the pun) – the blowjob itself. In this step by step instruction you'll discover the

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Sexy Sandals – Women’s Grooming Fashion This Spring

Author: Clara Havisham

Do you wanna create a sexy appeal then go for a stunning pair of sexy sandals. They are nothing but what the name states, footwear that give you a sexy look are called sexy sandals. Sandals can be sexy under many reasons like by the type of heel, toes, straps etc. They are the sexiest type of shoe worn by the women to tantalize men. If you want your sex appeal go through the roof, then pair your feet with an elegant pair of sexy stiletto sandals. This footwear will show off your fulgent gams lanky and will give you a seductive feminine look.

Kitten heels, chunky heels and wedges too will add a lewd appeal to your appearance and will take you to the height of lustful sex women Kate and Siena. Not heels alone are the reason for a sexy look of the sandal but the straps also play a vital role in this regard. You will look seductive with the straps hanging around your calf showing off your gleaming flesh. Apart from heel type and straps if you want some other models of sexy footwear then switch over to espadrilles.

A pair of sensuous platform espadrilles will be creating a luscious allure to your appearance. Sexy espadrilles featured with wraparound ribbons will be much sexier than any other footwear. Flirtatious slide sandals too give you a flirty look by nicely twisting your body shape and changing your walking style into catwalk that will steal the heart of your beloved. You will be in the limelight as you dazzle and glint every step of your way in the sexy espadrille slide sandals.

Stand out in the crowd and drag the attention of others with your lustful appearance with a shimmering pair of sexy sandals. But to get a sexy appearance, sandals alone won’t work out. The other things apart from them to give you a feminine look are your costumes, hairstyle, and most importantly your body posture and curvatures. Your body posture depends upon your blazing gams that should be well groomed. So, proper care should be taken of your feet. You should go for pedicure that rejuvenates your gleaming skin on the feet and will ultimate will give you a sexy appeal. You should properly maintain your nails to enrich the beauty of your feet.

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