Wearing stockings for the first time

Stockings in the car“My wife is very attractive, but very shy, and modest. She owned a ‘slutty’ perspective toward stockings before receiving new Aubade and Lou lingerie, and 10 denier Aristoc stockings, I bought her.

“She wore my gifts to dinners, and to a dance club on our ‘dates’. She commented on how elegant, and sexy she felt. She had anticipated feeling uncomfortable in a garter belt and stockings, but acknowledged surprise in the comfort of her new-found elegance.

“However, she was reluctant to wear stockings to work instead of pantyhose. While I respected her choices, she was aware I’d like her to wear stockings everyday.

“Yesterday she said she’d wear stockings and lingerie if I’d pick her up at her office and take her to lunch. She wore 2” Mary-Jane pumps, a blue plaid skirt, and a matching blue sweater for a ‘school-girl’ look, with ‘nude’ 10 denier. Aristocs.

“When I picked her up for lunch she was excited about a pair of compliments about her attire. Since she was dressed down ‘in school-girl attire’, I asked her if she’d flashed a stocking top. She denied knowingly flashing, but told me how sexy she felt.

“We drove to a secluded spot next to the river at a park close to her office. I had anticipated a glimpse of her welt and a touch of the thigh before lunching on the cheese and turkey cuts I picked up at the deli. I suggested a “quickie”, but expected the usual turn down because of the risk of exposure.

“To my surprise my wife smiled and nodded. We risked being caught enjoying a ‘nooner’ in the front seat of my car. In 20 years of wedded bliss, this was the first time my very proper and shy wife agreed to make love outside the privacy of our bedroom.

“My wife went back to pantyhose today, but said she is going to wear stockings again next week if I’ll meet her for lunch.”

“On Thursday evening I treated myself to a new lingerie set from M&S (including a suspender belt) along with a few pairs of stockings in different shades and decided to try the stockings on Friday evening to the staff Christmas party. At first I felt undressed underneath, but I felt fresher and remarkably warm, except when we went outside to go home.

“I managed to keep them a secret from hubby that evening, he was watching a late TV programme when I got in, so I decided they would be his extra Christmas present. I managed to get changed for Midnight Mass whilst he was in the bath. I decided to wear my new black suit with my dark overcoat which I would take off in the church. Since it was so cold I decided to wear my new knee length boots as well. I must say that I felt very comfortable throughout the service, although now and again I was distracted by thinking how many of the women there were planning to seduce their men once home!

“My hubby was still oblivious by the time we got home, although he had commented on the boots and the glimpse of black leg between boot and skirt. I took my coat off and went for his other presents whilst he poured us drinks. Whilst we were talking and unwrapping gifts, I gradually let my skirt ride up my leg. Well, once he spotted the stocking top, he was uncontrollable. I shall leave the rest to your imagination. He wanted me to wear stockings again today, but we were going to be with lots of folk, and I think I shall give him time to get used to them in semi-privacy.”