A challenge regarding attitudes of women

– Another contributor has offered an opinion basically regarding why women wear lingerie and its effect. I disagree with his viewpoint. He feels my opinion is off-base. Fair enough, I am known for taking on a good challenge. I will also admit if I am wrong.

Let the polling begin. Please keep it civil without a bunch of attacks on the respondents or their opinions. I hope this will be educational. To all who know me, or know of me, I ask that this be a genuine poll by serious contributors:

PONT: The other contributor has the opinion that “if there were no men around women would dress in Mou-Mou’s. Women could care less about tactile stimulation whatever the hell that is” and “the only reasons women dress in silks, satins and laces at all is either because men design the clothes or they are dressing that way to attract a man. As soon as they have him its all gone. Hell, most women don’t even have orgasms much less all day orgasms. Sure there are a few exceptions but mostly women are only stimulated by talking to other women.”

COUNTERPOINT: I take the opposing viewpoint. I believe that woman DO in fact dress to please themselves, as well as those they are trying to attract. I believe that if a woman was stranded by herself, and could not be naked, (and without the pressures of competing in the business world) and she had a rack of feminine clothes on one hand and a rack of masculine clothes on the other hand that she would choose to dress in feminine clothes at least 50% of the time. I think it is inherent in a woman’s nature to dress in soft fabrics that look and feel better than coarse non-descript “mou-mou” outfits. Finally I do think that woman do have orgasms (in and out of the bedroom!).

I hope I am not wrong!

– My wife and I want to thank you in advance for this educational polling. We both agree in your viewpoint. We believe that women do enjoy the feel of soft material against their skin. Granted women do use clothing and accessories to attract men. But given the opportunity to dress up in a non male environment, women still would if just for their own self esteem.

– I always dress in what feels best to me. I have many skirts and dresses I love to wear because I love the feel of them. I have always liked lace just because it makes me feel good and it looks so pretty. I dress mainly to please myself, but this can also include wearing something special for my husband. But mainly I dress in soft fabrics and prints because that is what I love.

– I agree with you entirely and wanted to post a reply to the original post – but didn’t for obvious reasons.

I found the original quote that we only dress up because men (what decade is he living in?) design the clothes extremely offensive and narrow-minded. Women wear what they want for whatever reason. I like to dress up as it gives me a boost of self-esteem and confidence. As for male attention, I actually get more when I’m in the launderette and looking really scruffy.

I could go on for ages about this but I don’t want to cause trouble so I’ll keep it short and concise.

– Okay, time to add my two cents.

I think the original suggestion is correct on one count – there are always those women who will wear ugly, ill shapen clothing. This could be because they have horrid taste, or just don’t care.

That’s perhaps a segment of the population we should just discard for our purposes.

However, I must agree on the other side that women in fact dress to impress other women as much or not more than men. Women do choose clothing both by feel and texture. Why else would pretty underthings be made in silks and satins if the feel of them close to our skin was not appealing?

You don’t see lingerie made out of burlap, do you? The feel of fabric is not dismissed when we are shopping. I have turned my nose up at items that looked nice, but when I handled the fabric, it felt rough and coarse.

As for the assertion that most women don’t have orgasms, much less all day ones, seems a little extreme. What sometimes gets lost in this issue is determining which kind of orgasm you’re talking about. There are more than one, and some take a concerted effort by both parties to figure out how to make it happen.

And lastly, if I were stranded (where, would make a big difference) and given the choice as to my clothing, I think practicality takes precedence over fashion anytime. If I’m on a mountain and need to conserve energy, I would be dressing in layers, with Gore-tex and nylon, with plenty of water and food and creating a shelter out of what’s available until I’m able to get myself back on the trail and to safety. I know this is an extreme example, but I think a good one.

– Women dress for themselves. I’ve known women who dress very femininely – for themselves, and would hate to wear any article that came close to “men’s clothing”. Unfortunately this type of women seem to be fewer and fewer (or at least older in age), with more and more dressing in nondescript unisex clothes with possibly a tinge of femininity. Often it’s rather “unfeminine” slacks and tops made of natural fibres. Jockey cotton undershirts and pants that look very similar to men’s attire have been a definite choice for women who want “comfortable” underwear. Women may still ‘dress up’ on occasions and may also dress more femininely and sexually for men. But not as much as they used to.

As for orgasms, the myth of females not having orgasms is very much alive. I’ve known women who could have an orgasm merely by being touched on their arm or their side, and could have dozens of orgasms in one night – I kid you not! And, alas, I’ve known women who could barely reach orgasm.

– Time for my two cents worth. I dress for my comfort and enjoyment. It just so happens that the way I dress may also be attractive to men, and hopefully, also to women.

I’ve just returned from a three week holiday in the south of France, and I wore stockings and suspenders for the first time in a month today, since it was too hot down there. I really felt special today – and my husband is away on business, so it wasn’t for him!

How men can have multiple orgasms, without drugs

We have all heard about women that can have several orgasms in a single sex session. Is there such a thing for men? With drugs like Viagra, Levitra and others this is possible, but women can do it without taking drugs, can men? Yes, in fact men can also have multiple orgasms however unlike women who can do it without any special preparation; men do need to prepare in order to accomplish this.

First of all the steps below cannot be accomplished by someone who “just wants to try it.” It is a serious workout plan that needs to be done on a daily basis, without exception. So if you are unable to devote ten minutes every single day, then this guide and multiple orgasms are not for you.

Before I get into the actual steps of preparing for multiple orgasms, let me get into a bit of the how and why. It is important to understand that an orgasm and ejaculation are two separate occurrences in the male orgasm process. This is usually seen as one thing because the ejaculation has euphoric sensations as well. The male orgasm is the feeling of intense pleasure you feel right before you start ejaculating. It is this intense pleasure that you can have over and over again in a single erection. It is not a way to regain an erection once the ejaculation has occurred, as is commonly misconstrued.

1. Discover the correct muscle

First we need to find the correct muscle that we need to use. It is called the PC muscle and the easiest way to discover it is while urinating try to stop the flow of urine. The muscle that you are using to do this is the PC muscle. Try to stop the urination several times until you are comfortable flexing that muscle even while not urinating.

2. Making the PC muscle stronger

This exercise is also known as Kegels but its purpose is to increase the strength of the PC muscle. Flex and release (as if you’re trying to stop urination) the PC muscle about once every second for 100 flexes. As your PC muscle gets stronger you will want to increase to 200 flexes. This is an exercise that needs to be done every day.

3. Giving the PC muscle more endurance

The purpose of this exercise is to increase the endurance of the PC muscle so that you can hold the PC muscle flexed while your body is trying to ejaculate. Flex the PC muscle and hold it flexed for 20 seconds. Then release. Flex again after 5 seconds. Initially you can do 10 of these per day but you will want to increase this to 20 per day. Again this exercise needs to be done every day.

4. Time to practice

After about a week of the above two exercises you may want to start practicing. Initially you may want to practice alone. When masturbating, reach a point where you are about to climax, flex and hold the PC muscle until the urge to ejaculate has passed. This may take several attempts as flexing too early will keep you from having the orgasm; flexing too late will not allow you to stop the ejaculation. The more you practice this the better you will be able to get the timing right.

5. Time to play

Once you are able to climax 4 or more times in a single erection it is time now to try it for real. You should initially let your partner know what it is that you are trying to do, that way they will know why it is that you are taking these pauses during intercourse.

There is no known limit to the number of times you should climax during an erection usually after the 5th or 6th time the urge to ejaculate becomes too strong. And although Kegels or these PC exercises are used for the purposes of multiple orgasms here, they are beneficial in several other areas of your urinary tract. The most common are helping to prevent prostate cancer and giving you rock hard erections.

With this new ability your sex life will be invigorated to a level that you may have never dreamed possible. Go out there and love your sex life. — About The Author
Serj Sagan is the CEO and owner of the natural male enhancement company that is dedicated to find the real truth about male enhancement products and its manufacturers and expose that truth to the consumer. Copyright 2008 Serj Sagan of http://www.enhancementresearch.com. This article may be freely distributed as long as this resource box stays attached. Source: http://www.articletrader.com