Learn More from the Best Blowjob Videos

Learn More from the Best Blowjob Videosby TONY GREG

Blowjob is one of the most exciting forms of foreplay. However, practicing the same style of blowjob every time can be a little monotonous. View different styles in blowjob videos and get more innovative ideas to enhance the pleasure and feel of a blowjob.

Watching a hot woman giving the only blowjob you needed can arouse you even more. The blow jobs may make men go through various ejaculations and hard erection when someone is dick sucking. The non-committed bachelors can get themselves sexually aroused by viewing these pov blowjobs. There is a variety of oral sex in these videos, where two girls are dick sucking the man, one girl is giving deep throat sucks to two men simultaneously, man to man pov blowjob and much more. Anyone can quench his thirst for sinful and entertaining blowjobs.

Blowjob vids have been helpful for more and more married couples. They can view the videos together to gain some more tact. When they see a couple doing it in front of them, the barrier of communication between them is eliminated and they can talk more freely. They can express their desires and level of comfort to each other, which helps them in better lovemaking and sexual understanding. Blowjob videos can be helpful in improving sexual life of couples.

You can demand a peculiar style of blowjob from your spouse and the other can learn a better way to practice it. You can refer to the style you like the most and make the other see it for you. This gives a better illustration to both the partners, thereby giving maximum satisfaction to both of them. The bold videos help them to set a sexual mood. Watching a men getting erecting can erect you also. When the women look directly into camera, you feel like you are sitting in the same where a blowjob is being given. This gives ignition to your fire and you start getting the erotic feeling.

An improved oral sex helps in getting maximum pleasure during the sexual intercourse. Both the partners enjoy the sexual acts and practice every time with more intensity. Even females get orgasm while giving a blowjob. A blowjob can be equally enjoyable for both the partners. Watching porn releases the sexual hormones in a human being, which improves the overall health. Watch more blowjobs and become more innovative in sexual acts. Discover newer form of getting pleasure and keep your partner informed for what you are planning this time. There can be unlimited excitement in your relationships.

Start exciting yourself and practice it with various babes at different locations. Try getting it in moving car, tables, libraries and rooms. Look for a new location every time to maximize the fun of oral sex. Use of bananas, ice, chocolates and strawberries can enhance the pleasure thereby creating more fun in the act. Seduce your partner with her favorite flavors and make her fall for what you want. Flavored condoms can also work as a good trick.

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How men can have multiple orgasms, without drugs

We have all heard about women that can have several orgasms in a single sex session. Is there such a thing for men? With drugs like Viagra, Levitra and others this is possible, but women can do it without taking drugs, can men? Yes, in fact men can also have multiple orgasms however unlike women who can do it without any special preparation; men do need to prepare in order to accomplish this.

First of all the steps below cannot be accomplished by someone who “just wants to try it.” It is a serious workout plan that needs to be done on a daily basis, without exception. So if you are unable to devote ten minutes every single day, then this guide and multiple orgasms are not for you.

Before I get into the actual steps of preparing for multiple orgasms, let me get into a bit of the how and why. It is important to understand that an orgasm and ejaculation are two separate occurrences in the male orgasm process. This is usually seen as one thing because the ejaculation has euphoric sensations as well. The male orgasm is the feeling of intense pleasure you feel right before you start ejaculating. It is this intense pleasure that you can have over and over again in a single erection. It is not a way to regain an erection once the ejaculation has occurred, as is commonly misconstrued.

1. Discover the correct muscle

First we need to find the correct muscle that we need to use. It is called the PC muscle and the easiest way to discover it is while urinating try to stop the flow of urine. The muscle that you are using to do this is the PC muscle. Try to stop the urination several times until you are comfortable flexing that muscle even while not urinating.

2. Making the PC muscle stronger

This exercise is also known as Kegels but its purpose is to increase the strength of the PC muscle. Flex and release (as if you’re trying to stop urination) the PC muscle about once every second for 100 flexes. As your PC muscle gets stronger you will want to increase to 200 flexes. This is an exercise that needs to be done every day.

3. Giving the PC muscle more endurance

The purpose of this exercise is to increase the endurance of the PC muscle so that you can hold the PC muscle flexed while your body is trying to ejaculate. Flex the PC muscle and hold it flexed for 20 seconds. Then release. Flex again after 5 seconds. Initially you can do 10 of these per day but you will want to increase this to 20 per day. Again this exercise needs to be done every day.

4. Time to practice

After about a week of the above two exercises you may want to start practicing. Initially you may want to practice alone. When masturbating, reach a point where you are about to climax, flex and hold the PC muscle until the urge to ejaculate has passed. This may take several attempts as flexing too early will keep you from having the orgasm; flexing too late will not allow you to stop the ejaculation. The more you practice this the better you will be able to get the timing right.

5. Time to play

Once you are able to climax 4 or more times in a single erection it is time now to try it for real. You should initially let your partner know what it is that you are trying to do, that way they will know why it is that you are taking these pauses during intercourse.

There is no known limit to the number of times you should climax during an erection usually after the 5th or 6th time the urge to ejaculate becomes too strong. And although Kegels or these PC exercises are used for the purposes of multiple orgasms here, they are beneficial in several other areas of your urinary tract. The most common are helping to prevent prostate cancer and giving you rock hard erections.

With this new ability your sex life will be invigorated to a level that you may have never dreamed possible. Go out there and love your sex life. — About The Author
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How to Give a Good Blowjob

Whether you're a beginner at this or have graduated with honors from "Blowjob University", this article is going to take your game to a whole new level. It's packed with tips, strategies and guidelines for ensuring an erupting good time, EVERYTIME! If your man only knew you were reading this he'd be salivating. Imagine his excitement after you apply some of these tips on your next night of intimacy. So, without further ado…let's make you a master! Show Enthusiasm This is hands down the MOST important rule. Your man thrives and squirms with excitement over the moans and desire you exude. Beg for his cock. It's what he wants. Show that there's nothing more you want than to make him come an enormous load. I'm getting dirty here because I want you to understand the raw craving you should show for your man's penis. This is crucial. It's the foundation for the blowjob. Your man gets off on your own sexuality. Pleasing you by any means will heighten the experience for him. Because a blowjob is an act performed completely by you, it's extremely important for you to convey that you're just as turned on as he is. A great way to fall into this role with ease is to feel the power you have over your man at that moment. Giving a blowjob doesn't make you submissive. Actually, it gives YOU all the control. Your man is at your mercy, being tortured by every tantalizing caress of the tongue and mouth. Have fun with this role and play up to his excitement. Use Your Surroundings Remember, the best oral sex starts long before you take off his clothes. Set the scene of the crime. Use soft or dim lighting. Candles are an easy fix for this. If you prefer, put on some music that isn't distracting. Let your lover come home and find you waiting in the bedroom, wearing nothing but your sexiest g-string. You can dress up or even role play to satisfy a kinky craving. Of course, what you wear may change depending on which room you do the deed in. High heels and sexy lingerie always work great in the kitchen. J Wherever you wind up, take stock of the furniture in the room. Counter tops, chairs, tables, ottomans and bed are all fair game for you to sit, kneel, lean or lay down in as you begin the mind bending blowjob he's always dreamed about. For this article, let's assume the most relaxing scenario – the bedroom. Lay him down on crisp clean sheets, building his anticipation and arousal to a tantalizing level. Building Him Up Explore his entire body with your hands, and lips moving up and down with soft gentle kisses. Tease him with the subtleness of your touch. As you progress and begin to lightly kiss, lick and bite his body, don't forget about those special erogenous zones like his ear lobes, the nape of his neck, his chest, stomach and thighs. Be vocal. Moan, talk dirty, beg to satisfy him – he'll love it. Tell him how bad you want to suck his cock. Continue kissing his body as you slowly move down towards his genitals. Tease him by sucking his fingers, giving him a preview of how you're going to go down on him. Really get him going. Torture him with pleasure. Use Your Entire Body As you kiss him, rub your breasts sensually down his body. Be sure to catch his balls as you sweep downward toward his cock. Brush them up and down on his shaft. Use your hands. If he likes it, caress gently with your fingernails. Caress him with your body. From your legs, feet, ass and mouth, find creative ways to toy with his excitement. However you perform, move your body naturally to the rhythm of your hands and mouth. Make it a sensual dance. He'll definitely enjoy the show. Change your rhythm with the pace of your moods. Be playful, intense, slow and sensual, or fast and frantic—or all these things in turns during an amazing blowjob. Now we get to the meat and potatoes (pardon the pun) – the blowjob itself. In this step by step instruction you'll discover the

  • 5 things to do BEFORE fellatio to increase the chances of him coming
  • How to make him come faster so you avoid getting that crick in the neck
  • Specific hand placement that can help intensify the enjoyment of his orgasm
  • 15 Techniques to vary the ways to make him reach climax
  • plus much more…

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How To Enjoy Anal Sex

By Jane L

If you're feeling like one day you woke up and suddenly it was all about anal, you're not alone. It's like the vagina has become the boring older sister. She was hot once but now they're all lusting over the smaller tighter one…

So with all this attention on the rear, the question is, do women enjoy anal sex and what's in it for you? Thankfully, the answer is yes! Many women love it and even prefer it to vaginal sex with more intense, full body orgasms. So how do you learn how to have anal sex properly and get you some of that?

Firstly it's not for everyone but if you would like to learn how to have anal sex, understand it's a process. If you have tried it once, maybe twice before with regrettable results, like a lot of first timers you may not have taken the full necessary measures to prepare the body. Understandably just the thought can lead to a lot of anticipation. But thinking about how to have anal sex for the first time is a lot like considering regular vaginal sex as a virgin. It's a little scary and a little exciting. You're expecting a bit of pain and you know it will be awkward but still you trust all the information you have ever received, you know you will eventually enjoy it. So why should anal sex be any different?

How To Enjoy Anal Sex

Start by learning to love and acknowledge your bum. If you've never really considered your back passage before, learning about it can be quite liberating. What wonders and mysteries does it hold? Have you have been neglecting an area of your body that is potentially capable of extraordinary sexual experiences?

A good way to begin is by experimenting on you in your own time. This is an incredibly foreign area to many people. You must become familiar with your own body first and comfortable with touching and experimenting with your anus before moving on to a partner.

Start by lubing a finger and gently rub around your anus taking time to explore. Light movements will help to heighten its many nerve endings and should feel pleasurable. Start to apply more pressure and insert your finger. At this point, you will hit your internal sphincter that might be quite a shock. Your likely reaction will be to get your fingers as far away from your bum as possible.

Learning to understand the internal sphincter is essential when learning how to have anal sex. Unlike the external sphincter that you can tighten or relax, the internal sphincter is an involuntary muscle. Its important job is to keep bodily product in that is not ready to be expelled and assist when its time to get it out.

Many people falter with anal sex when they hit the internal sphincter. Because you can't control it, its normal reaction is to contract and tighten when a finger or something larger is poking at it from the other end. However, it can only tighten for a certain length of time before it tires and loosens on its own. With gentle persistence, usually after about a minute, the muscle will stop contracting and relax. At this point, you should be able to continue with slow pain free insertion.

Over time you will become more accustomed to how this feels. Small vibrators or a dildo are excellent tools to help you practice and gradually get you used to the sensation of larger objects. It is important to start out small than boldly try with a penis straight away. The anus has the ability to stretch, however as you progress with toys, beware. The bum really is like the black hole. The body will without mercy suck objects in like a vacuum. Ensure your toy of choice has a flat end to prevent any mishaps that would require surgical removal.

How To Have Anal Sex With A Partner

When moving on to include your partner, understandably, the ewh factor is very real and hygiene preparation is a must. Your body cannot be at its most relaxed when your mind is not at ease. Enjoy an erotic shower with your partner beforehand and start the foreplay by cleaning each others bits until they are squeaky clean.

It also goes without saying that a pre sex bowel movement is essential. When it's not possible to go on command, over the counter enemas are a popular and effective way to ensure your peace of mind.

Now that you are clean, your body then needs to be worked to the point where you can't wait for anal penetration to begin. As well as regular foreplay it is best to also participate in Anallingus. If you don't feel comfortable with the idea of your partners tongue up your bum, you may need a rethink. You are preparing for a large erect penis to enter a very tight downward chute. The sensation of a loving partner tickling and teasing, licking and blowing is a very sensible way to prepare your whole body and mind for the bigger and better things to come.

Before attempting penetration you must firstly apply lubricant liberally all over his penis. Also have him insert it right up in to your anus using his fingers. Doggy style is usually perceived as the easiest way to begin, however your muscles are far more relaxed in the missionary position. As well as allowing for easier insertion, missionary position is also beneficial for beginners due to its intimate nature. You can continue to kiss, and talk to each other directly, guiding him to continue further or stop when you need a break.

When you are ready, breathe out and 'push out' as he begins to push in. You may feel a stretch or a pinch. Insertion is the hardest part of the process but it should never be forced. When you are ready it will be easier to build momentum once his penis gets past a certain point, usually a couple of inches past the shaft.

Continue slowly, always talking to your partner. As he moves in further you may have the feeling that you need to go to the toilet. If you have done everything to prepare beforehand, this is only a natural reflex. Your body is used to pushing objects out the other way. Stop for a moment until the urge passes.

If you are finding it painful it is important to stop and retrace your steps. Your body probably wasn't prepared as much as it could have been. Practice and good preparation should lead to a pain free experience.

Finally, it's unlikely you experienced an orgasm the first, or first few times you had vaginal sex and anal sex is no different. Many women report that while learning how to have anal sex it's the sense of erotica that is different to vaginal sex, that keeps them persisting and practicing to reach the ultimate in climax.

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How to Make Women Orgasm in the Reverse Amazon Kneeling Sex Position!

By Trey Osborne

After you recall a memory associated with these feelings of learning how to make women orgasm in the Amazon Kneeling Reverse sex position you will feel a certain amount of happiness in knowing that you have indeed begun to take the necessary steps in order to make that happen.

And as you allow yourself to visualize the orgasmic bliss that awaits both you and your partner in the Amazon Kneeling Reverse sex position I wonder if you will allow yourself to begin to experience the spontaneous love making techniques that naturally begin to happen when a man realizes that he indeed has the power to make women orgasm whenever and wherever he wants.

How to Make Women Orgasm in the Reverse Amazon Kneeling Sex Position!

How to Get Into Reverse Amazon Kneeling sex position:

Interestingly enough this isn't the most intimate or romantic sex position yet the amount of control and power that a woman senses she has in this position is often enough to send her into orgasmic bliss. The most effective way to get into this erotic position is by first lying down on your back with your legs drawn in toward your chest so that she can then sit down on the "seat" that you created facing away from you and from there she will be able to balance herself by putting her hands behind her onto the back of your thighs.

When to Experience the Reverse Amazon Kneeling sex position:

This is one of those positions you want to try after you have already established that your woman indeed enjoys the kind of sexual positions that allow her to have a certain sense of control and power, especially when you consider that for the most part she will be up there in full control with you having very limited control or movement to do anything about it. In other words, this isn't the kind of position where you want her asking "What do I do next". In any case, with that said sometimes because of the complete lack of control on your part some of the most timid and reserved women unleash the dominant side of their personality in this position so proceed with caution or maybe not if that is what you are in to.

When not to try the Reverse Amazon Kneeling sex position

If you sense that the mood or the moment is me romantic or intimate then this isn't the position that you are going to want to consider. If you have no idea how to sense what the mood is like begin to become more aware of your surroundings and in fact when watching a "romantic movie" with your partner get a sense for when the moods shift and if you still have trouble notice how your woman responds to different moments of the movie and use that as a cue for later.

On the other hand dream about walking on the beach with your partner as you feel the sand in your toes and a drink in hand which seems like the perfect moment for a romantic kiss in a moment of romanticism that need not be missed.

Of course, when it comes to making her orgasm whether you are in a romantic moment or one that puts her in control like the Reverse Amazon Kneeling Sex Position you will be glad to know that applying a high quality female arousal gel (that contains L-Arginine in it) underneath the hood of her clitoris is one of the most effective ways to bring her into a state of orgasmic bliss again and again.

And I want you to understand, just understand that when it comes to making a woman orgasm you absolutely must do more than simply learning a variety of different sex positions and applying a female arousal gel underneath the hood of her clitoris. To make a woman orgasm requires you to be sensitive to the moment as it is happening and more than that it requires lots and lots of sexual foreplay.

Of course, the good news is that sexual foreplay is always happening it really is just a matter of you becoming aware of it and using it to your advantage in addition to allowing it to flow naturally into a state of orgasmic bliss for both you and her.

Trey Osborne has been helping men and women improve their sex lives for over 5 years.

If you are seriously interested in discovering the secrets to better sex you will want to take advantage of our database that has all of the best sex positions now!

No doubt about it, if you really want to improve and enhance your sex life adding a high quality female stimulating gel into your sexual toolbox is something that you will want to consider now. To discover which sexual lubricants have been rated the best by men and women just like you visit the Top 10 Female Sexual Enhancement Creams and Gels now.

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The anal probe – a new world of sex toy

The anal probe is something that seems so daunting to so many people and is still seen as a faux pas by so many is actually something that can help to bring enjoyment to sex for both men and women. Everybody already knows about the fun that a man can have by having his anus tantalized with some sort of sex toy but there is little said about the enjoyment that a female can get from this rather naughty toy or the way it can bring delight into any sexual encounter.

So, what exactly is an anal probe? The art of anal probing is define by having something inserted into the anus for enjoyment and pleasure. This could be anything from anal beads that are flexible to those that are not, butt plugs, vaginal vibrators used in anal play or even specifically designed forms of sex toy that are meant to be used in this delicate area. Of course, this kind of sexual play is not something that is to be enjoyed by everyone but for those individuals or couples that have not indulged in this naughty form of sex, the results can actually be very pleasurable.

For women, using an anal probe or other form of anal sex toy can feel very dangerous and naughty; for most bringing about a whole new world of sexual pleasure. When this is incorporated with vaginal intercourse, otherwise known as DP or double penetration, the sensation can be related to that of being filled to the max; something that for a lot of women can bring "out of this world" orgasms. This might not seem like your idea of fun but until you try it, you really cannot decide whether or not you are going to like it!

For men of course, an anal probe or other kind of anal sex toy can bring entirely new levels of pleasure! Massaging the prostate and the reported G-Spot is meant to give the male one of the best orgasms of his life and if studies are to be believed, men tend to have a lot of fun when this area is stimulated. It is necessary to start with a much smaller anal probe at first to ensure that both the male and female is totally prepared for the experience ahead but there is nothing to stop you getting bigger in sex toy and experimenting with different toys later on.

There are a few things that you will need to remember when you decide to experiment with an anal probe or other form of anal sex toy and one of the first is to take your time. You cannot expect the biggest thing that you can find and then have fun with it. You should always start smaller and slimmer and work your way to bigger sizes later on. You should always never forget the lubrication! Without this vital part of anal sex toy play, you are going to find it a rather painful experience and one that you are not going to want to repeat! For more information please visit. http://www.spicetoy.com/ — For sex toys, adult toys, dildos, vibrators, realistic vaginas, sex dolls visit http://www.spicetoy.com Source: http://www.articletrader.com

Butterfly Vibrators – What Are They?


Butterfly Vibrators – What Are They?
By Karly L Cruiser

You have probably seen a traditional vibrator, shaped like a man's penis, but what is a butterfly vibrator? This purely female vibrator is one designed to give women a wonderful sensation of pleasure, whether used in conjunction with sex or just by itself. Women all over the world are discovering the pleasures that adult toys, such as butterfly vibrators can bring.

What is a Butterfly Vibrator?

Butterfly vibratorA butterfly vibrator is a vibrator that fits snugly to the vulva or the clitoris, without any penetration of the actual vagina. You secure it to your clitoris by straps that either go around the waist or your legs.

Shaped like a butterfly, the vibrator moves the 'wings' up and down at various speeds to stimulate the clitoris in an amazing way. As with any adult toys on the market, you can buy a variety of butterfly vibrators, some with a jelly-like material, and others made of soft, moulded plastics. They also come in many different colours, although pinks and purples are the most popular models, and there is one that has a range of speed options for your ultimate pleasure.

How does it work?

The butterfly vibrator is designed to stimulate your vulva and clitoris area, without vaginal penetration. Generally, you attach the vibrator straps, fit it snugly in the right spot and turn on the speed function. You'll find that the stimulation on your clitoris is gentle, yet far more powerful than simply rubbing your clitoris with your fingers, as most women do when they masturbate.

As well as using the butterfly vibrator for masturbation, women find that the pleasure of the continuous clitoris stimulation can really aid during sex with a partner to make sure the women gets a full orgasm. Because you attach the vibrator via straps that do not get in the way of your partner's genitals, you may find that sex becomes far more satisfying with dual stimulation, instead of just vaginal stimulation from your partner's penis. Lesbians often prefer a butterfly vibrator, as it mimics oral sex and stimulation of the clitoris, rather than penetration. Even virgins can use them for pleasure, without destroying their virginity, unlike using the traditional style of dildos and vibrators.

Rubbing your vulva or clitoris is a great way to masturbate and enjoy the sensations of being a free woman. It releases your tension and helps your body to relax, leaving you less stressed and happier. You can use a butterfly vibrator in the privacy of your own home to enjoy these simple pleasures. These vibrators are perfect for women who enjoy clitoris stimulation, especially as many women find it difficult to achieve an orgasm without this sort of sexual stimulation. Pregnant women, women who have recently given birth, and any women with a urinal tract infection may prefer clitoris stimulation rather than sexual penetration, which can hurt at these times.

A butterfly vibrator can be a terrific addition to your lifestyle and your sex life, without causing penetration. You can purchase them from your adult toys store, online shop, or at a pleasure party.

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Oral Sex Techniques You May Be Missing Out On

Giving a blow job is harder than it seems, especially when you've been doing it the same way for awhile now. The key to a good sex life is to keep things hot, fresh, and new at all times. You have to spice things up, and believe it or not, a plain blow job comes with a lot of spicing options. If you've got it in your head that you just need to lick and pump, you're making your partner miss out on a lot of oral pleasure. Below are some techniques that may help you improve your oral sex.

Oral sexYou may not realize this, but the more you are aroused, the better blow job you will give. If you aren't in a sexual mindset, your mouth won't work the way it needs to. Try to add some foreplay into your relationship, and watch some pornography together if need be. Make sure you are just as aroused as he is. Then please yourself during the oral sex so you get something out of it too. You may start to moan or even want the dick because you are so turned on, thereby arousing your partner even further.

You can always add an adult novelty to your oral sex as well. A lot of people assume that the mouth is the only tool at work, but you can bring in a massager for his balls, or even a vibrator for yourself (assuming you are a woman). If you are a man giving another man head, you can get some lubricant on your hands and masturbate while you suck. There are also genital napkins out there that you can put over the dick for easy cleanup. These make that area of the body smell a little better, which may make things easier for you in the long run.

You don't have to make a person orgasm the first time. You can actually get him to the point that he is about to explode, and then stop on a dime. Then when you build the pleasure back up again, he will want to explode even more. Some men think this is torture, but others love the tease. You can ad ice cubes into the mix to "cool down" the erection. Feel free to just take control and see how he responds, or let him be in full control of your mouth. Either way, if you think outside the box a bit, you'll surely find an oral sex technique that works well for you.

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How To Easily Reach The G-Spot ?

The G-spot, or Grafenberg spot, is certainly the most popular topic, with the penis size, on websites discussing sex issues, male and female health. This spot was named after Ernst Granfeberg, the famous German gynecologist who first described it in 1950, in his paper The Role of Urethra in Female Orgasm. Grafenberg was a German born doctor (Adelebsen 1881 – New York 1957), of Jewish confession. Arrested by the Nazis in 1937, he escaped in 1940 with the help of friends of the International Society of Sexology, and emigrated to California.

Before trying to reach this spot, we must know where it is located. The g-spot is something like a female prostate located between the pubic bone and the cervix on the top side of vagina. The g-spot is a part of the urethral sponge, a tissue playing a great role during arousal : if correctly stimulated, this area can be very pleasurable, and lead to orgasm during sexual intercourse. Note that other women could also feel the urge to urinate when this spot is stimulated.

Indeed, this urethral tissue or sponge is like a cushion against the pubic bone and the vagina wall, surrounding the urethra. Mainly made of erectile tissue, filled with blood during arousal, it has a compressing effect on the urethra, preventing urination during sex. This tissue also contains the Skene’s glands, able to produce the famous female ejaculation (usually a fluid of clear color) men are so curious about. Other scientists think the g-spot is not really a physical spot, but more probably the clitoris deepest nerves passing through the urethral tissue and connecting with the spinal column.

An important point is that the fluid produced by the Skene’s glands during orgasm passes through urethra (as urine does) but must not be considered as urine or as an effect of urinary incontinence. This clear colored fluid is similar to what is produced by the prostate and that is why we can speak about female ejaculation.

The structure of this important tissue also varies during time and after the age of 30, occurring changes make the g-spot easier to reach. This is why women after 30 will be more than probably experiencing the best of their sexual life and pleasures.

But how can men reach this so mysterious spot ? In fact, 3 methods can be applied in order to reach this spot. These methods can be found in sex advices guides on the web.
1.For men having an upward curved penis, the missionary position is the best, because that kind of penis will exert greater pressure on the front wall of the vagina.
2.For men having a downward curved penis, or an uncurved penis, doggy style position is probably more suitable because of the pressure exerted against the front wall by the downward curved penis.
3.With the fingers or the tongue : you must push down on the clitoris and arce the tongue or fingers upwards. Note that fingers or tongue must be at least 1 – 3 inches inside the vagina…since the exact distance greatly varies from a person to another… Good luck.

Science has now answered lots of questions concerning this mysterious female area, but female orgasm is and remains a complex phenomenon wherein g-spot plays an important role.

  — Harry Lloyd writes articles for Top Sex Guides , a site providing male sexuality advices.

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Jealousy typically refers to the feelings, thoughts and behaviors that occur when a person believes that a valued relationship is being threatened by a rival. The word jealousy comes from the French jalousie, formed from jaloux. Feelings of jealousy always appear to stem from one's sense that something about their life is not secure e.g., in danger or is uncertain. Jealousy is the eruption of attachment and it can be transcended only through awareness. As we move with awareness into the center of this phenomenon, we pass through ungrounded expectations and beliefs, projections and delusions, guilt, envy, the loss of self-esteem, and the threat to security. The core is an existential problem and it has to do with illusion and the effectively fearful nature of the ego. When we come to know and accept the nothingness at the core, jealousy and the pain of fanatical attachment cease.

Jealousy is a common experience in human relationships and it has been reported in every culture and in many forms where researchers have looked .It has been observed in infants as young as 5 to 6 months old and in adults over 65 years old. The complexity of jealousy allows people to describe it in different ways. Definitions of jealousy normally share basic themes. These shared themes indicate jealousy is a meaningful concept and it can also be distinguished from concepts such as envy. In simple terms, jealousy is a feeling of protective resentment towards one who threatens a value or relationship.

People who have experienced pathological jealousy and for whom jealousy triggers violence may advantage from professional counseling. People who experience usual jealousy have at least nine strategies for coping with jealousy. The problem-solving strategies include: improving the primary relationship, interfering with the rival relationship, self-assessment and demanding commitment. The emotion-focused strategies include: derogation of partner or rival, denial/avoidance, developing alternatives, support/catharsis, and appraisal challenge. These strategies are related to emotion regulation, cognitive change, conflict management, and ground rules for managing jealous competition. The most important thing to do about any feelings of jealousy is to first confess them, and then attempt to overcome them.

While mainstream psychology considers sexual arousal through jealousy a paraphilia (categorized as zelophilia), some authors on sexuality (Serge Kreutz, Instrumental Jealousy) have argued that jealousy in manageable dimensions can have a definite positive effect on sexual satisfaction and sexual function. Jealousy sometimes heightens passion towards partners and increases the strength of passionate sex. Jealousy varies across cultures, cultural learning can manipulate the situations that trigger jealousy and the manner in which jealousy is expressed and attitudes toward jealousy can also change within a culture over time. Jealousy is the powerful complex of emotions experienced at the loss, real or imagined, of someone or something you believe is yours, whereas envy concerns what you do not have and would like to possess Jealousy in religion examines how the scriptures and teachings of different religions deal with the topic of jealousy. Religions may be compared and contrasted on how they deal with two issues: rules and concepts of divine jealousy about the aggravation and expression of human jealousy.

— Michael Teo is an expert on the Human Psychology and Behavior.

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