Rockbox 2 Pleasure Power Tool

Rockbox 2 Pleasure Power ToolAre you ready for the ROCKBOX 2? Probably the most powerful vibrator in the world, it has a whopping 3 x more power than a wand and a bone-shaking 5,000 RPM motor. A heavy-duty tool for heavy-duty pleasure, to get the job done every time.

If your usual vibrators leave you craving more power and pleasure, then the ROCKBOX 2 is the toy to sate your climax-hungry appetite. The insanely strong motor resonates deeply, shaking 5 times harder than your average washing machine spin cycle. Yowza!

6 power settings take you from ‘Steady on!’ to ‘OMG WTF!?!’ with the flick of the speed dial, whilst an oversized, ergonomically located power button makes operation super-easy.

2 pleasure attachments are supplied with your ROCKBOX 2 – one for him and one for her to ensure everyone can enjoy mind-blowing orgasms.

For her: The ‘Hot Chick’ attachment resembles a large, firm tongue that extends directly outwards of the ROCKBOX 2 vibrator unit. Slick and shine the tongue with your favourite lube and enjoy sensational oral simulation under the command of the earth-shattering motor. If you find the feeling too intense, try using your new pleasure tool over your clothes… it’s just as thrilling that way, too.

For him: The ‘Master Blaster’ attachment is unlike any male sex toy you’ve ever seen. Designed to tease the underside of the penis, apply lashings of lubricant and indulge in waves of undulating pleasure as the deep ridges transmit super-powerful speeds of vibration. Gradually increase the speed setting and complete your orgasm by placing the ROCKBOX 2 over the tip of your penis for mind-blowing climactic release. Too intense? This attachment also feels amazing over clothes.

Key Features:
• Mains powered, uber-powerful vibrator for men and women
• 5,000 RPM motor and 3 x more powerful than a wand
• 6 Earth-shattering speed settings
• ‘Hot Chick’ attachment for her: Firm, pointed tongue for intense oral simulation
• ‘Master Blaster’ attachment for him: Textured with 3 waves for extraordinary frenulum stimulation
• 5 metre cord for versatile play options
• Oversized power button, speed dial and ergonomic handle for easy play
• Slide ‘n’ load mechanism for quick attachment swaps

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