Seamed or unseamed?

gerbe-carnation-seamed-stockings-p83-208_zoomI would like to know mainly from women: are seamed stockings classy or tarty? From a mans eye view, I find seamed stockings classy I just wish more ladies would wear them

– My wife used to think they looked tarty. Then she saw fishnets. Now she thinks seams are classy. Go figure!

My observation has been that some women are more influenced by what their girlfriends think of their style of dress than what their boyfriends think. I guess that’s ok if you are a lesbian. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

– Exactly… it’s all a matter of perception. My wife thinks it looks tarty because she feels that seamed stockings are the domain of strippers and “ladies of the night”. Nowadays there is an enormous stigma attached to the way women look. And, comrades, if we are to change the tide we’ll have to influence the fashion houses of the world into thinking that seams in stockings aren’t just sexy but fashionable too.

I saw on the news yesterday that Christies are auctioning vintage clothes and that they’ve had a record turn out and that there is a resurgence of people going to charity shops to buy granny’s old dresses. This might not be exactly what we’re after, but I think it might be a step in the right direction.

– I don’t wear seams in public as I do think they are a bit trashy. But I do enjoy the sensual feeling of wearing them at home, for my hubby, and during sex. It’s the very reason that they are trashy that makes them so dangerous. I remember once having no laundered hose to wear except a pair of seamed nylons, and I felt self-conscious all day long.

– My wife says they are tarty with normal dress, but at a very formal ball the rules are different. If you think what fashions women wear at such an event – high heels, bare backs, skirts split to the thigh, cleavage etc, seams are ok there.

– Classy but it won’t take much to cross the line to the trashy side. Sassy is a nice place to be. It’s half heaven and half heartache.

– A classic woman wears only real seamed stockings (the 3975’s from magnolia). I wear them to my work, at home, when I am shopping. I only don’t wear them during sports activity. It is not trashy at all if you wear a total classic look. I get even compliments on the street from total strangers. Does that satisfy you?

My wife is an Italian and tarty has never come in to it. She wears them some Saturdays and men look at her, but I think it’s because they think she looks sexy, not that she is a tart.

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