How to Give a Good Blowjob

Whether you're a beginner at this or have graduated with honors from "Blowjob University", this article is going to take your game to a whole new level. It's packed with tips, strategies and guidelines for ensuring an erupting good time, EVERYTIME! If your man only knew you were reading this he'd be salivating. Imagine his excitement after you apply some of these tips on your next night of intimacy. So, without further ado…let's make you a master! Show Enthusiasm This is hands down the MOST important rule. Your man thrives and squirms with excitement over the moans and desire you exude. Beg for his cock. It's what he wants. Show that there's nothing more you want than to make him come an enormous load. I'm getting dirty here because I want you to understand the raw craving you should show for your man's penis. This is crucial. It's the foundation for the blowjob. Your man gets off on your own sexuality. Pleasing you by any means will heighten the experience for him. Because a blowjob is an act performed completely by you, it's extremely important for you to convey that you're just as turned on as he is. A great way to fall into this role with ease is to feel the power you have over your man at that moment. Giving a blowjob doesn't make you submissive. Actually, it gives YOU all the control. Your man is at your mercy, being tortured by every tantalizing caress of the tongue and mouth. Have fun with this role and play up to his excitement. Use Your Surroundings Remember, the best oral sex starts long before you take off his clothes. Set the scene of the crime. Use soft or dim lighting. Candles are an easy fix for this. If you prefer, put on some music that isn't distracting. Let your lover come home and find you waiting in the bedroom, wearing nothing but your sexiest g-string. You can dress up or even role play to satisfy a kinky craving. Of course, what you wear may change depending on which room you do the deed in. High heels and sexy lingerie always work great in the kitchen. J Wherever you wind up, take stock of the furniture in the room. Counter tops, chairs, tables, ottomans and bed are all fair game for you to sit, kneel, lean or lay down in as you begin the mind bending blowjob he's always dreamed about. For this article, let's assume the most relaxing scenario – the bedroom. Lay him down on crisp clean sheets, building his anticipation and arousal to a tantalizing level. Building Him Up Explore his entire body with your hands, and lips moving up and down with soft gentle kisses. Tease him with the subtleness of your touch. As you progress and begin to lightly kiss, lick and bite his body, don't forget about those special erogenous zones like his ear lobes, the nape of his neck, his chest, stomach and thighs. Be vocal. Moan, talk dirty, beg to satisfy him – he'll love it. Tell him how bad you want to suck his cock. Continue kissing his body as you slowly move down towards his genitals. Tease him by sucking his fingers, giving him a preview of how you're going to go down on him. Really get him going. Torture him with pleasure. Use Your Entire Body As you kiss him, rub your breasts sensually down his body. Be sure to catch his balls as you sweep downward toward his cock. Brush them up and down on his shaft. Use your hands. If he likes it, caress gently with your fingernails. Caress him with your body. From your legs, feet, ass and mouth, find creative ways to toy with his excitement. However you perform, move your body naturally to the rhythm of your hands and mouth. Make it a sensual dance. He'll definitely enjoy the show. Change your rhythm with the pace of your moods. Be playful, intense, slow and sensual, or fast and frantic—or all these things in turns during an amazing blowjob. Now we get to the meat and potatoes (pardon the pun) – the blowjob itself. In this step by step instruction you'll discover the

  • 5 things to do BEFORE fellatio to increase the chances of him coming
  • How to make him come faster so you avoid getting that crick in the neck
  • Specific hand placement that can help intensify the enjoyment of his orgasm
  • 15 Techniques to vary the ways to make him reach climax
  • plus much more…

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