The anal probe – a new world of sex toy

The anal probe is something that seems so daunting to so many people and is still seen as a faux pas by so many is actually something that can help to bring enjoyment to sex for both men and women. Everybody already knows about the fun that a man can have by having his anus tantalized with some sort of sex toy but there is little said about the enjoyment that a female can get from this rather naughty toy or the way it can bring delight into any sexual encounter.

So, what exactly is an anal probe? The art of anal probing is define by having something inserted into the anus for enjoyment and pleasure. This could be anything from anal beads that are flexible to those that are not, butt plugs, vaginal vibrators used in anal play or even specifically designed forms of sex toy that are meant to be used in this delicate area. Of course, this kind of sexual play is not something that is to be enjoyed by everyone but for those individuals or couples that have not indulged in this naughty form of sex, the results can actually be very pleasurable.

For women, using an anal probe or other form of anal sex toy can feel very dangerous and naughty; for most bringing about a whole new world of sexual pleasure. When this is incorporated with vaginal intercourse, otherwise known as DP or double penetration, the sensation can be related to that of being filled to the max; something that for a lot of women can bring "out of this world" orgasms. This might not seem like your idea of fun but until you try it, you really cannot decide whether or not you are going to like it!

For men of course, an anal probe or other kind of anal sex toy can bring entirely new levels of pleasure! Massaging the prostate and the reported G-Spot is meant to give the male one of the best orgasms of his life and if studies are to be believed, men tend to have a lot of fun when this area is stimulated. It is necessary to start with a much smaller anal probe at first to ensure that both the male and female is totally prepared for the experience ahead but there is nothing to stop you getting bigger in sex toy and experimenting with different toys later on.

There are a few things that you will need to remember when you decide to experiment with an anal probe or other form of anal sex toy and one of the first is to take your time. You cannot expect the biggest thing that you can find and then have fun with it. You should always start smaller and slimmer and work your way to bigger sizes later on. You should always never forget the lubrication! Without this vital part of anal sex toy play, you are going to find it a rather painful experience and one that you are not going to want to repeat! For more information please visit. — For sex toys, adult toys, dildos, vibrators, realistic vaginas, sex dolls visit Source:

Vibrators; A Whole World of Pleasure

Author: Leila Gabrielle

Almost half of women aged 18 to 60 use sex toys or have tried them in the past, according to a 2004 study of over 2,000 women by the famed Berman Center, directed by "Oprah" sex therapist Dr. Laura Berman. Vibrators and sex toys in general are becoming more socially acceptable, in fact Trojan just launched a women's line of condoms, Elexa, which also features a vibrating latex ring sex toy. Vibrators open a whole new world of pleasure, and sexual well being for you and your sex life. Vibrators are prefect for delivering intense stimulation and pleasure to the clitoris and vulva, with orgasm inducing power like none other.

Vibrators come in a variety of designs, ready to deliver extraordinary pleasure. Most models offer several speeds, with some models having variable controls where you can set the vibration frequency to exactly how you like it. The latest technology offers up custom pulsation patterns and intensity control. Keep in mind that the type of vibration or movement tends to create greater pleasure than the general size of shape of the sex toy. Keep an open mind and find a model that satisfies you. Considers what you really want it for: portability, bathtub or hut tub action, realism, or simultaneous vaginal/clitoral or vaginal/ anal stimulation.

Rabbit Vibrators / Multi Action Vibrators

Multi action vibrators, sometimes also called jack rabbit adult toys, are simply the best things since sliced bread. How else are you going to explain a product that helps so many women reach orgasm with such ease? Ask around, many women swear by their dual action vibrator. The Jack Rabbit Vibrator is the sex toy of the 21st century and it's easy to see why it has had such a powerful impact on women all over the world.

The sex toy engineers really got it right this time: many women desire simultaneous clitoral stimulation and vaginal penetration and these innovative, multi action, multi orgasm vibrators, have the ability to stimulate a woman like nothing else on the market. These stimulate the vagina like a traditional vibrator, while stimulating the clitoris and the opening of the vagina at the same time. Some models also have an additional tickler for anal stimulation while many models also have a chamber filled with rotating pearl beads around the shaft, for added vaginal and G-spot, stimulation.

A great example of a multi action vibrator is the adult Jack Rabbit toy. This is the most recognizable combination vibrator on the market because of it's popularity and because it was featured on HBO's "Sex and the City", pleasing the usually timid Charlotte.

It consists of a small "rabbit" perched on top of a pink jelly vibrator shaft. The rabbit is designed to directly stimulate the clitoris and is controlled by a remote battery pack. The shaft is capable of twisting back and forth and of "rotating" the pearls around in a circular motion, which stimulates the labia, the opening to the vagina as well as the infamous G-spot. The speed of vibration is adjustable, and often there are separate controls for the tickler, shaft, and pearl bead rotation.

Many women find the combined features of these vibrators to be the perfect recipe for orgasm. They require less work than other sex toys and the stimulation levels of the clitoral stimulator and the shaft can be adjusted independently to fit your mood.

Combination vibrators are usually high quality toys and they come in many shapes and sizes. They're easy to use and work well for both experienced and novice vibrator users. However we warn you, these could easily give you the most intense orgasms of your life. Sensual seductions have great prices on jack rabbit vibrators and multi action sex toys.

Traditional Vibrators

Traditional vibrators are the most common adult sex toys and devices. The most versatile of toys, traditional vibrators are phallic-shaped and penetrative, though they can be used for internal and external stimulation. When people think of vibrators, this is usually the style that comes to mind.

Traditional Vibrators are slim, straight, between four and eight inches in length, and are usually made of plastic. They are available in many different finishes, including bright colors and metallic. Most traditional vibrators are adjustable, allowing the user full control over the vibration level. The hard plastic outer casing helps maintain the strength of the vibrations by transferring them directly from the motor, making these a good choice for people who want the feel of stronger vibrations but who don't want to purchase an electric vibrator.

G-spot Vibrators

The G-spot! It's really there! The location of the G Spot is about two inches inside the upper wall of the vagina, and waiting to send you the most amazing orgasm you have ever experienced. If you haven't yet found it yourself, these vibrators will take you there.

G Spot vibrators are usually shaped like a traditional vibrator, with the exception that they have a special bend in the shaft that will increase stimulation of the G-Spot. They are typically between four and eight inches in length and have a base-mounted controller for easy vibration control. If you want to try a G-Spot vibrator, be sure to look for one made of plastic or a firm jelly material so it doesn't bend when it's inserted. The best G-Spot orgasms come when you apply firm pressure, so you want to be sure the vibrator is up to the challenge.

Clitoral Vibrators

There is no question, and it seems to be just another fact of life, that many women need direct clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. The orgasms a woman achieves from stimulating the clitoris are intense and satisfying, as all orgasms should be. Naturally, as everyone in their right mind loves to orgasm, women have demanded a vibrator that speaks to their personal needs and offers direct and intense clitoral stimulation. A vibrator which leaves them feeling incredibly satisfied. Basically a woman's best friend!

Clitoral vibrators are designed with a woman's clitoris in mind. These vibrators offer powerful and direct clitoral stimulation ensuring intense and satisfying sensations. Some clitoral vibrators are small and non insertable, designed to stimulate only the clitoris. Some clitoral vibrators offer clitoral stimulation via a small attachment on the shaft of a multi-action vibrator, that reaches the clitoris when the shaft is inserted into the vagina for multiple and intense stimulation. Each type has certain pleasures unique unto itself and can ultimately offer up some incredible orgasms. All in all, clitoral vibrators offer powerful clitoral stimulation that is just not possible during manual stimulation.

Discreet Vibrators

While Pocket Rockets are designed for portability, there are quieter, more discreet options when choosing a small vibrator. The best thing about some of these sex toys is that they look so much like everyday objects that you can take them out in public with no worries at all. These look-a-like lipsticks, pens, cell phones and compacts, are very powerful and stimulating, yet they are impressively quiet vibrators. Perfect for keeping that little secret all to yourself while in the airport or on the road, or for that quickie wherever, and whenever you desire.

Realistic Vibrators

Just as you would expect from a realistic vibrator, these vibrators are designed with the anatomical features of a real penis. These come in all shapes and sizes just like real men, and their skin-like, textured surfaces, and very realistic appearance, are the closest vibrating object to the real thing that you're going to find.

There are many different lifelike materials used to make realistic vibrators, and it really depends on what sex toy company makes the vibrator. For more on this please see our materials guide. Whether the look of a realistic vibrator gets your juices flowing, or you find pleasure in the feeling of lifelike materials, a realistic vibrator can satisfy your needs and leave you wondering what you need the real thing for anymore.

Waterproof Vibrators

Waterproof vibrators are pretty easy to explain. They are waterproof. These vibrators are designed to be used in the tub or shower, in the hot tub, pool, or really anywhere you can manage to get yourself all wet. The delicate internal electronic parts are sealed in to prevent moisture from entering, and the battery compartment is water tight to ensure your safety and satisfaction. It can be incredibly erotic and relaxing to have an orgasm in a candle-lit bubble bath or even a hot tub.

When choosing a vibrator for water play, it's important to keep in mind that chlorine and chemicals in pools and hot tubs, as well as saltwater, can damage toys made of jelly rubber or other lifelike materials. Lubricants are more necessary than ever in water, which washes away natural juices, but don't use a water-based lubricants, which will just dissolve. And remember to dry off your toy after the fun!

Jelly Vibrators

If you prefer soft materials over hard, you might prefer jelly rubber. Jelly vibrators are pretty close to silicone when it comes to look and texture but are not quite as smooth and lifelike.

Jelly dildos can be a little bit stiffer than silicone dildos but its simply a matter of preference. Jelly is also a great material for people who want the realistic feel of a silicone dildo but don't want to pay the higher price that comes with silicone products. Jelly rubber is a porous material that can be composed of different ingredients including latex and phthalate.

Jelly toys have a shorter lifespan, and it's recommended you use a condom on them because of their ingredients. The best way to clean jelly dildos is with warm water. Never use rubbing alcohol to clean jelly, and always use water based lubrication – jelly will degrade if it is exposed to a non-water based lubricant or rubbing alcohol. If you decide on a jelly dildo, it might be a good idea to pick up some cleaner specifically designed for sex toys, which we carry in our lubes section. A good sex toy cleaner will kill any bacteria and leave a clean, fresh scent.

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