Retro Pocket Rocket

Retro Pocket RocketInner space… The final frontier… Its been a year since Man Eaters from Outer Space have landed and have taken a bite out of the male population on Earth. Now the people of earth have their own counter weapon of mass satisfaction: Retro Pocket Rockets by Big Teaze Toys.

Ground control to pathfinder, come in pathfinder. 5,4,3,2,1 blast off… Ladies and gentleman we have liftoff! These retro themed waterproof vibes will launch your love life into a whole new galaxy. With engines powerful enough to make the space shuttle shake, quiver and quake, Retro Pocket Rockets vibrator will take you to the moon and back… for more! When your mission is complete, cool your engines by touching down on your nearby lunar base (display stand included) while you prepare for your next adventure. Get ready to explore new and exciting territories.

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