Difference Between Tights and Pantyhose

Difference Between Tights and Pantyhose
By George McGonigal

Most people believe that pantyhose and tights are in fact the same thing. Actually they are different things. They are very similar but there are some very minor differences. Both pantyhose and tights are types of hosiery which cover the whole leg. They start at the waist and have closed feet. These both normally have a thicker toe for durability unless you choose specific types without this. Both types are normally made from nylon and normally have Lycra added. These are available in many different deniers or thicknesses.


Pantyhose is an American term which is slightly different to tights. The gussets on these are normally much thicker which means they can be worn without the need for extra underwear. This is why they are named after panties. They are in fact a combination of underwear and tights.


The original purpose of tights was to create a close fitting material for horseback riding. They have changed a lot over the years and modern day tights are fantastic. They are used by millions of women all around the world for fashion and various other reasons. These are still very tight and this is after all why they are called tights.

Tights and pantyhose are both used for many different things. There are some outfits which require it and they are very useful to even out skin tone. Tights can cover up your legs while still being able to wear short skirts or dresses. Tights are preferable during the summer because they can give your legs a lovely sun kissed look. These are ideal because they give your legs some protection from the harsh cold winter months.


The main differences between pantyhose and tights is simply the thickness. The thickness of both are measured in denier. The denier is the density of the weave, the higher the number, the thicker the tights. Anything around 40 denier is normally regarded as pantyhose, anything higher are normally known as tights. At least this is the difference in America.

In England however things are a little easier. Pantyhose is very rarely used with almost all deniers being referred to as tights. Pantyhose and tights are extremely similar and both do pretty much the same job. These can be used in the same applications and are just as delicate as one another. Both of these can ladder if they are not treated carefully. Generally pantyhose is a term that's used only in America.

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