Why the stigma?

Why is there such a stigma attached to women wearing stockings in the ’90s and beyond? After all, women have been wearing stockings far longer than pantyhose, and before they were even thought of.

Tell me: would you walk down a busy street or shopping centre with a nylon bag over your head? Of course not because you wouldn’t be able to breathe. Well that’s exactly what happens when you don pantyhose or tights – the most delicate part of the body cannot breathe, and doing this day in day out could lead to long-term medical problems.

A quote from Givenchy sums up how a lot of people feel about the subject: “Pantyhose are the symbol of laziness in women today”.

I’m close to losing it when I see women in warm fleecy track pants and tights. What is wrong with these silly women? Imagine the heat being generated in the nether regions and how wet they will get: the perfect environment for the old faithful thrush, tricomonas and clamydia. How wonderful for unsuspecting visitors!

It is also evident from some TV ads that the manufacturers of tights (pantyhose) are acting in complicity with some of the drug companies that make these creams for “feminine itching”. If there were no pantyhose there would be little or no use for these remedies as there would be little or no feminine itching to relieve! Correct? So the manufacturers of the two products go hand in hand – without sales of one there would be no sales of the other. And it’s only since the advent of tights that feminine itching or associated infections ever needed to be advertised as needing attention in the form of creams or the like!

Further to my two previous outbursts yet another issue has been on my mind: how many women have to wear “panty liners” and why? Before pantyhose there was no such thing as panty liners you didn’t need them. The women who wear stockings don’t need them or buy them. This is just another example of one manufacturer walking hand in hand with the other.

Why do parents of young and not so young girls find it necessary to encourage them at such an early age to have to sit in a classroom or run about or some other activity while half their body is encased in nylon? Why do they see it as a must? It is not! And never will be. What they don’t realize is the harm they are doing to the child, indirectly as a result of this action. There should be an awareness program for the children outlining the pitfalls and the reasons behind them. I think parents are under a misguided premise that wearing pantyhose from such an early age will protect them in some way. But what against I really don’t know.

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