Max Mara Hosiery Gift Ideas for the Conservative Woman

Hosiery gifts for the conservative woman can be given for any occasion, whether there’s a special holiday or event or if you just want to say “thank you” to someone. One brand of pantyhose to consider for gifts is Max Mara hosiery. Max Mara pantyhose are manufactured by a company called House of Max Mara, which has been around since 1951. Founded by Achille Maramotti, House of Max Mara has employed a number of famed clothing designers such as Karl Lagerfeld and Dolce & Gabbana.

One reason Max Mara hosiery works so well as a gift for a loved one is the high level of quality and fashion the products exemplify. Max Mara manufactures some of the most durable, beautiful pantyhose or stockings, tights, thigh highs, holdups, etc. on the market. The hosiery is named among the best pantyhose brands such as Pretty Polly and Aristoc! Your loved one will adore her new hosiery and cherish the look and feel achieved every time she slips them on her legs.

When giving to a somewhat conservative dresser, consider the line of sheer pantyhose or tights offered by Max Mara. The Calypso tights, for example, come in the colors Nero (black), Playa (sand) or Tea (dark tan). These tights have a sheer look and feel…great for work or play. They are durable 30-denier tights made of 15 percent Elastane and 85 percent Polyamide. These are semi-opaque and sheer to waist, with a cotton gusset and soft waistband.

Lighter 9-denier pantyhose by Max Mara are the Origami tights. These are also sheer to waist, and come in Nero or Navy colors. They are made of 52 percent Polyamide, 44 percent Elastane and 4 percent cotton. Origami tights have a reinforced toe and a cotton gusset. Another conservative style that’s sheer to waist is offered by Max Mara’s Gibus tights, which are 13-denier, 88 percent Polyamide and 12 percent Elastane. These have sheer toes, a soft waistband and a cotton gusset. They come in the colors Nero, Playa, Tea and Seta (ivory silk). Cadine tights are available in Nero, Marrone and Nude. They are 15-denier with 88 percent Polyamide, 12 percent Elastane and a cotton gusset.

For the conservative lady who likes to hide her legs, the Freno Opaque tights make the perfect gift. These thick, durable tights are 50-denier with 85 percent Polyamide and 15 percent Elastane. They are made of soft microfiber and feature a reinforced toe and soft knit waistband. Available colors are Nero and Navy. These are wonderful as a Christmas gift or wintertime birthday gift.

Fresco Tartan cotton tights can bring color to any woman’s attire with the elegant Tartan-Violet check color pattern. These are thick, 120-denier trendy pantyhose and are made of 80 percent cotton, 15 percent Polyamide and 5 percent Elastane.

Max Mara hosiery gifts can be given to show you care on Mother’s Day or for Christmas, birthdays, wedding showers and any gift-giving occasion. Include them in a gift basket to pamper a new mom or add them to a basket for your wife on your wedding anniversary. Surprise your wife or girlfriend on Valentine’s Day with a new dress or outfit along with Max Mara stockings as an added accessory. They provide the perfect fit for the businesswoman, churchgoer or homemaker who likes to dress up for the occasional romantic evening out.

Hint: Always size pantyhose or tights carefully; some hosiery is made smaller so you’ll want to check sizing charts according to your recipient’s height and weight.

Be sure to add Max Mara hosiery to your next gift list!

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