Difference Between Tights and Pantyhose

Difference Between Tights and Pantyhose
By George McGonigal

Most people believe that pantyhose and tights are in fact the same thing. Actually they are different things. They are very similar but there are some very minor differences. Both pantyhose and tights are types of hosiery which cover the whole leg. They start at the waist and have closed feet. These both normally have a thicker toe for durability unless you choose specific types without this. Both types are normally made from nylon and normally have Lycra added. These are available in many different deniers or thicknesses.


Pantyhose is an American term which is slightly different to tights. The gussets on these are normally much thicker which means they can be worn without the need for extra underwear. This is why they are named after panties. They are in fact a combination of underwear and tights.


The original purpose of tights was to create a close fitting material for horseback riding. They have changed a lot over the years and modern day tights are fantastic. They are used by millions of women all around the world for fashion and various other reasons. These are still very tight and this is after all why they are called tights.

Tights and pantyhose are both used for many different things. There are some outfits which require it and they are very useful to even out skin tone. Tights can cover up your legs while still being able to wear short skirts or dresses. Tights are preferable during the summer because they can give your legs a lovely sun kissed look. These are ideal because they give your legs some protection from the harsh cold winter months.


The main differences between pantyhose and tights is simply the thickness. The thickness of both are measured in denier. The denier is the density of the weave, the higher the number, the thicker the tights. Anything around 40 denier is normally regarded as pantyhose, anything higher are normally known as tights. At least this is the difference in America.

In England however things are a little easier. Pantyhose is very rarely used with almost all deniers being referred to as tights. Pantyhose and tights are extremely similar and both do pretty much the same job. These can be used in the same applications and are just as delicate as one another. Both of these can ladder if they are not treated carefully. Generally pantyhose is a term that's used only in America.

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Pantyhose – A Symbol Of Elegance

Pantyhose – A Symbol Of Elegance For Women

By: Roberto Sedycias


Gone are the days when the inner garments were associated with only the privacy of bed rooms. These days, they are considered as a symbol of elegance and style statement. Be it in corporate meetings or official parties or even an evening out with friends, women prefer to wear nylon stockings.

Grey pantyhosePantyhose (also known as tights), the delightful women lingerie belongs to the above class. Be it to conceal the blemishes of your bare legs or to give your dull outfit a gorgeous look, pantyhose look just perfect with any kind of outfit. The soft and silky pantyhose no doubt, lend an enthralling charm to the overall personality of women. Starting from their neutral colors to brazen shades, from industrial reinforced toes to sparkling ethereal, pantyhose can reflect your apparel as well as your personality.

It is comfortable to wear and the legs looks attractive yet not revealing with pantyhose, which is why pantyhose is seen as a standard official wear among women worldwide. Many women, who have a fetish for certain brands won`t mind spending exorbitant price while buying pantyhose. However, choosing the right material is more important while buying for pantyhose.
A typical pantyhose has the waist area made up of strong elastic. Generally hips part contains thicker material than legs part. The gusset or crotch area has stronger material, often made up of cotton. The legs of the pantyhose are designed with thinnest material which has a consistent work down to the toes.

Pantyhose come in different variety of fabrications starting from nylon and velvety cottons to warm wools and silky micro-fiber blends. The fact from a study also proves that, pantyhose knitted with lycra material when worn throughout the day increase blood circulation on the legs by applying even pressure. Pantyhose are available in a variety of colors and patterns. For business wear, the texture is usually neutral or skin color and the most common shades are gray, beige, white, and blacks, while fashion conscious younger women also prefer pantyhose of other range of colors and designs. Pantyhose are available in a wide range of styles, starting from the extremely rare, very thin and hardly visible size 3 to 20 standard sheer and up to 30 semi opaque.

The growing fascination for pantyhose has made the hosiery business grow in many folds in the last couple of years. People prefer to buy especially from online apparel-stores where they are able to select from a largest variety of latest products based on styles, fabrics, color combination available in market. Moreover, as the sites are specialized ones, you can get in depth knowledge about the quality and durability of the product you are choosing. One thing that is a matter of concern while choosing any undergarments is size.

Women especially who are petite or who have very long legs or who are plump are often left out when it comes to buying pantyhose but thankfully these branded online hosiery sites have tights available to suit every body type and this is another reason why people prefer to buy online. You can also take their expert customer care help in case in you have any doubts while choosing your tights or pantyhose. What is more, pantyhose come in different price range, starting from economic knee-high for daily office wear to high-range French silk satin for special event wear; it cater to the need of every kind of buyers.

If you consider pantyhose as ethnic women under garment, then think again. Now-a-days pantyhose are not just restricted as a women-wear. Many comfort-conscious men are increasingly finding ultimate comfort in the soft undergarments which are often associated with women. The perception of women hosiery has given way to unisex hosiery.

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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Pantyhose

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Pantyhose

By: Roberto Sedycias

Pantyhose were discovered by Allen Gant Senior and its first version appeared in 1959. Pantyhose are a combination of stockings and underpants. Needless to say, pantyhose emphasize the attractiveness of a woman. It makes legs look smooth, silky and extremely sexy. On the more human side, pantyhose make it easier to wear and take off shoes. It lends slenderness and shine to an otherwise blemished skin. During winter, pantyhose provide much needed warmth and coziness. The uniform pressure applied on all parts of the leg enhances blood circulation too.

Nylon is the preferred material used in the making of pantyhose. Importance is given to maintain a high degree of excellence in strength, elasticity and shine while manufacturing pantyhose. Weightlessness is another alluring feature of good pantyhose. And no compromises are made to see that the product is as durable as possible. Nylon is able to provide all these features besides being crease-free. Another material used as an alternative to nylon is spandex.

Denier is the unit with which the thickness of nylon is measured. The sheerness of pantyhose can vary from 3-80 deniers, a higher value denoting a thicker garment. The design of the pantyhose is normally the same with a few variations thrown in for elegance and style. Since most women are conscious of their protruding bellies, a broader elastic band is provided near the waist, in some pantyhose, to disguise this. The crotch is made of cotton to enhance comfort. The heel and toes are doubled in strength to avoid wear and tear and improve durability. Darker shades of pantyhose are normally preferred in winter.

Uses of pantyhose:

The uses of pantyhose are manifold. New pantyhose serve the purpose of giving confidence in the mind of the user. They make the wearer look alluring and seductive. They also provide warmth and comfort. But the utility of old pantyhose can be mind-boggling!

Old pantyhose can be used to clean up a fish-tank or a garden pond. A debris-skimmer can be created by folding a clothes hanger into a circle and covering it with pantyhose. All the debris can then be removed like magic!

Pantyhose are priceless as far as kitchen utility is concerned. They serve as wonderful scrubbers for utensils, especially non-stick ones. Pantyhose can be rolled into a ball to serve as a floor shiner. Wet flour can be prevented from sticking onto a rolling pin by covering it with a tube of pantyhose. A garbage liner can be secured with the help of the elastic band of the pantyhose.

A garden cannot do without pantyhose as well. Ripe onions and potatoes can be stored and tomato vines can be secured with pantyhose. Flower bulbs can be stored in the same way. Pots can be lined with pantyhose before being filled with mud and planted with houseplants. This will prevent the soil from being washed away.

A wonderful loofah can be crafted out of pantyhose by just cutting off the legs, filling the remainder with left-behind pieces of soap and then tying the ends. It can be placed beside the sink to wash hands regularly.

The best use of old pantyhose is perhaps to ferret out lost objects from the carpet. A leg from old pantyhose can be cut out and tied around the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner. In no time the lost object will be found sticking to the pantyhose in the nozzle!

Mothballs can be kept inside pantyhose to protect clothes in a closet. A similar variation can be done by using scent instead of mothballs.


The uses of pantyhose are thus endless. Be it new or old, pantyhose is an accessory that no one can do without.

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The magic of pantyhose

The Magic of Lingerie Confidence

Holding daily stress at bay with a smile and a bubbly bounce in your step becomes effortless when you feel fabulous in your clothes. We've all experienced the rush of stepping out in that new suit or dress. If only the perfect new outfit were a possibility for every gal each and every morning! A more achievable way to tap into your beauty confidence magic on a daily basis is to simply know that you are dressed to impress underneath your clothes!

For a dose of every-day lingerie mood-boosting mojo try a matching bra and panty! There is a style for every frame, cup and derriere. For every style there is a seemingly limitless combination of patterns, fabrics and trims. Your matching bra and panty can be as unique as you are deep down. Are you really a silky tigress? Do you just feel kittenish today? Step into that exotic bra and panty set before you moderate your inner self with a yet another less than new, oh-so-tasteful selection in outerwear. So you've had the blouse for a few seasons and the skirt is just a dull, corporate appropriate colour… So what? You've got the exquisite feel of silk and stripes against your skin all day long. File your claws and hold your tail high as you stealthily make ready to pounce on your day!

Toss your pantyhose collection! Or at least tuck it neatly in the back of your lingerie drawer. You are about to exclusively wear stockings and garters. Yes, even under slacks. Tummy bulge is a very real concern, but the switch to stockings and garters you will leave you more aware of your posture. Tuck your tummy and sit up straight. Pull your shoulders back and away from your neck. Your spine and your waistline will thank you. And for the transitional times don't forget the redeeming properties of teddies featuring control panels! The idea is to feel good and sensual in your own body. If you don't address the causes of your insecurities you will never feel significantly better than you do right now. Let your inner light shine brilliantly! And for those gals with good bodies and a tiny, stubborn belly bulge – there is nothing wrong with you! Flat abs are lovely but so is a modest goddess bulge! For those who doubt the truth of this, look to Marilyn Monroe. Need I say more?

Another fun and any-day style lingerie boost can be had by wearing anything sheer under your clothing. A sheer bra and panty or a sheer slip, chemise or mini dress worn under your work clothes can cause you to have a constant and persistent awareness of how pretty you are even if you aren't displaying it fully. Pretty ladies smile all the time and smiles attract all kinds of possibilities, don't they?

Special occasions come with special undergarments. The fundamentals such as pantyhose, slips, bras and panties, camisoles, and so on receive a Cinderella upgrade for the day. You may find yourself wearing a corset or bustier, a strapless bra, a garter and stockings, a teddy, a richly made slip or chemise… And doesn't it make you feel wonderful? Ordinary and every-day underwear have no place under formal or evening wear certainly, but how would extraordinary lingerie worn under your work clothes feel? Like a secret you can barely keep? Like a smile you can't suppress? Like floating through your day inside of your own little patch of sunshine? Furthermore, how would it effect your evening and your time spent with your lover or significant other? Feeling good in your skin can give you a powerful charge. Eight or nine hours of "battery" reserve can excite your love life physically and emotionally. And bonus! You're already wearing something that will tantalize your partner's sensibilities!

You don't need to spend a lot to feel the magic of lingerie confidence! One of the most versatile and inexpensive options outside of the basic and every-day is the bodystocking. These are hosiery garments which extend from your toes to your shoulders. Some have sleeves, some merely have straps. Just like stockings and hose, the bodystocking is available in a wide variety of patterns, colours and opacities. Most bodystockings can be had for $20 (US) or less.

If you've never tried one before because it seemed an inconvenient or impractical garment, rest assured that very few bodystockings are manufactured with a crotch. In fact, it's rather difficult to find a bodystocking which isn't crotchless for purchase. It doesn't get much easier than that!

For an extra bit of naughtiness: try your next date in a bodystocking but without the panties. It will be difficult to keep your mind off of being intimate with your partner!

The tantalizing feel of fine spun hose can encase not only your legs but your midriff, chest and arms. And how much fun is it that what appears to be a tank or long sleeve shirt to the casual onlooker is actually part of your lacy, frilly, girly lingerie arsenal? Indulge your closet exhibitionist with a touch of hose in all the wrong places!

Confidence is a kind of magic that attracts positive experiences to you. Concentrating on having more confidence is a difficult way to actually experience confidence. It's much easier to affect a change by doing things that make you feel genuinely good such as a fresh new hair cut or donning inspirational clothes or underclothes. Indulging your sensuality through sexy, fun and expressive lingerie will give you confidence which requires no concentration to maintain. You will probably stand taller, move with greater grace and fluidity and attract smiles, attention and good will without even trying. Make a promise to yourself to work some confidence magic with lingerie today! Every woman deserves to feel fabulous! Life is just too short to be down on yourself and closed off to all of the wonderful possibilities this world has to offer you. Enjoy your life right now! — In addition to her freelance projects, Wynter Stark is a copyright writer for Touch of That Lingerie. A student of both fashion and life, her approach to both is all about the journey. Source: http://www.articletrader.com